Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Recipes!!

It sure has been a while since I pulled out new recipes and did some major cooking but today felt like just the day to spend in the kitchen. I've had a lot on my mind and cooking and baking relaxes me so I spent a beautiful Sunday cooking my little heart out and made not one but three new recipes and all were very successful!!

First up - Found this recipe for Nutella Banana Bread on Pinterest! You can find it here. How can you go wrong with Nutella and anything really? But this bread is so yummy and moist!! Hopefully my co-workers will feel the same as some of this is coming to work with me!

Next up were Chocolate Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies - I found these on accident doing a quick search for peanut cookies and when I saw these and saw that I had all the ingredients it was like dying and going to heaven!! And wow these are a hit with the husband!! He told me to just go ahead and add them to the cookie rotation for the holidays!! You can find the recipe here.

Then for dinner I tried a new Rachael Ray recipe - Pasta Carbonara with Corn and Chiles - however you may note that there is no corn in this photo and you may ask why? Ummm I forgot to buy corn!! I don't know what I was thinking I made a list and everything and then got home and oops no corn but let me tell you what this dish was still super delicious SUPER delicious! Mike and I both enjoyed it. I used fresh fettuccine, you can find the recipe here.  
Ok there you have it three super delicious new recipes! If you try them let me know!!

Viva Las Vegas!!

Since we've been home for a week now I thought it was time to do a little Vegas trip recap!

Cocktails and sequins what Vegas is all about right?
We had such a good time. Arriving in Vegas always feels a little like going back home as I've mentioned in the past my family has shared quite a few big celebrations in Vegas and I have spent a lot of time in Sin City so it has that wonderful homey feel to it when I see those first slot machines in the airport and then step foot on the Strip for the first time.

My beloved Bellagio

 While in Vegas, we ate, drank, spent time with family, shopped and something that I've never done in Vegas before - WON MONEY! Not a lot of money you don't get rich playing penny slots but it was awfully nice to fund a couple of shopping trips and to come home with some spending money!

boy we ate a lot in Vegas!
Me and my dad in Vegas

Loved getting time with my mom
The big reason we were in Vegas this time was to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Kevin and his now lovely wife Trish. Growing up Kevin was more then a cousin, he was and has been like a big brother to me so it was very special sharing this big day with him. And it was a beautiful day and wow did they serve us a ridiculous amount of food!!

Mom and Kevin!! Love this picture of the two of them

The newlyweds and their super cool cake!

Me and Mike at the wedding
I also got to lay by the pool with mom, do some crafting and go on wedding appointments with my sister. We packed an awful lot into a few days and now just 29 weeks until we get to go again!!!!

Pool Time!

Pages from my Smash book!

Started the book in Vegas added photos when I got home

Quality time with mom and my sister. A rare picture of us together!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crafting on Vacation

Before heading to Vegas mom and I talked about doing some crafting while on vacation together. So we agreed to bring our Smash Books and yesterday while lounging by the pool we added fun memorabilia and journaling to my pages. I will add some photos when I get home but I love that I have a jump start on documenting our trip!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

A lot of big moments have happened here in Vegas; got engaged, got married, celebrated family milestones like my dad's 70th birthday. My family vacationed in Vegas all my life so it is no real surprise that when I step off that plane and out into the warm desert air I feel at home.

This trip we are also celebrating a milestone, my cousin Kevin is getting married. We stayed up talking to Kevin and his very soon to be wife late last night just enjoying the excitement of this city and the week ahead!

I will try to most a few blogs this week so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Week in the Life Days 6 & 7

Playing catch up and putting the last two days of Week in the Life together in one fun and fabulous post!!


Woke up way too early after a late night - this will become a theme later on in the day!

Walking Hooper at 7AM

The best part of early morning walks - Hot Air Balloons

Getting Gas

Heading out for the day!

This place was delicious! (Good choice Tanya)

Mini Golf with Tanya and the boys - man was it hot

The little sleep, the hangover and the heat did not agree with me I was couch bound the rest of the day

This was our very bad but yummy dinner!

With my guilty pleasure on TV  


I felt a lot better after waking up Sunday morning - maybe because I slept most of Saturday!

Starting the day off right

Cuddling with Hooper is a great way to start the day!

Holden's new favorite spot

Heading out on a little solo shopping spree

Lane Bryant!

Letting Ms. Amy mingle with the other kids

So far Banky likes her the best 

And there we have it one week in my life! Now I just have to put together the album and get all the stories and photos the way I want them. Hope to start posting that this week! Wish me luck!!

Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I enjoyed sharing it!!

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