Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Week in the Life Day 5 - Part 2

Ok now that I've shared with you our fabulous Friday night I thought I would share some of the details of the rest of my Friday.
Weekly weigh in - down 1.8 pounds and according to Wii Fit I'm 24 WOOHOO

Off to work!

Dropping off Mike

Heading into the Warehouse

Paneras for lunch with Lisa!

Heading to pick up Mike

Bob Evans for dinner - there goes the 1.8 pounds I lost

polishing nails and doing hair and makeup with Claire

Love this picture

Having a photo shoot
I am loving  Week in the Life this time around - still taking less photos but I'm writing everything down and capturing a lot of really special moments I can't really complain. I have to start figuring the format for when I put this book together. I know I want to use an 8 1/2 x 11 binder but do I want to use one or two photos and tell a lot of stories OR do I want to do what I did last time and use photo collages and snippets of journaling? Hmmm decisions. Of course a lot of the folks working on this project already have their format in mind but that's not the way I roll haha!

I'll be back later with today's recap!

Week in the Life Day 5 - Part 1

Sorry for the delay in my Day 5 post - had a rather late night!!

I'm so glad I got to capture a night at The Lucky Leprechaun with the gang. I love being a "regular" somewhere, making new friends, drinking beers and singing (even though I'm terrible I've yet to get thrown off the stage!) Without a doubt it's the people I'm with that really make Friday nights fantastic!

Claire - Fabulous singer, designated driver and all around SUPER Friend

Rockin' Robin - Queen of Karaoke, amazingly talented and super fun

Aimee & Brian - AKA the love birds!! Adorable in that vomit inducing sort of way

Claire Bear

Good times with good friends - you can' buy memories like these

The sister act

Claire, Aja and Me - Having a blast because we just can't help ourselves!
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of our buddy and fabulous bartender Mark - most likely because he doesn't stand still long enough to snap one! And this particular Friday Chrissy was unable to make it as she's on a very long road trip but we called her and let her listen to Claire singing so that added to the fun!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day 4

Today I took the least amount of photos so far this week, partially because work was so busy and I was doing stuff I couldn't photograph and partially because after clothes shopping I was bummed out so basically just came home and sat on the couch - not really a lot of photo taking opportunities there. But here are some of my favorite shots from today.

Skipped the morning walk in favor of cinnamon coffee

Off to work

Mike takes out the trash

beautiful sky this morning

Ready to start the day

Mike gets in the car after work and is on his tablet

Shopping adventure after work

Our favorite shopping location

More laundry!

Beginning to introduce Amy to the other animals

Ending the night with a little Bejeweled Blitz of course! 

I'll be back tomorrow for more Week in the Life goodness! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 3

Here we are day 3, I think so far I've taken the most pictures today so I'm pretty proud of that. I do find it hard to take pictures while I'm at work for a few reasons; 1. I don't want my co-workers to think I'm completely insane (though I have a feeling they know I'm halfway there) and 2. A lot of what we do in our area is confidential so I'm limited to the where and what I can take pictures of but I am making the best of it and having a good time doing it. So here is a glimpse of day 3 during this week in my life.

5AM time for my 2+ mile walk

Time for pills

Off to work though I look like I'm going to school here!

Gloomy morning

Working on Week in the Life writing

Typing up notes

Coffee and my ipod get me through the day

Still gloomy out as I head home.

A little Words with Friends as I wait for Mike

Visiting with the Little One

Chinese food for dinner!


Blowing out my hair


And this week's layout for the MotherLOAD class 
 Stay tuned! More to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day 2

This is going to be short but sweet as I spent most of the evening with my Super Friend Claire - didn't take any pictures but what a good talk - just what I needed. 

So in looking at today's pictures I notice I spend a lot of time in the car to and from work, dropping Mike off, picking Mike up so here are a few shots of my travels! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day 1

So here we are the first day of A Week in the Life. Let me start off by saying that this project is really important to me this time around as my life is so much different then it was the last time I worked on and completed this project. 

What's so different you might ask? 

Well for one - I have a job! 

And a desk

And fabulous work friends! 

I can't wait to take photos of more of my co-workers this week - they have all been so supportive in all my crazy projects I come in with - in fact they hardly laughed at me as my camera sat on my desk all day ready to snap photos at a moment's notice! 

What else is new? Well this little girl is worming her way into our hearts and completely taking over the guest room - meet Amy!  

Of course as much that may have changed some things stay the same - such as my love and well honest to goodness addiction to coffee! These days I stop just about every morning at 7-11 for a very large blueberry coffee - DELICIOUS!!

Hmmm What else is the same? I'm still hopelessly addicted to bath and body products, hair products and makeup of course! 

 There you have it a quick little review of the first day in a Week in my Life! See you tomorrow for even more photos!!

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