Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Fun Fall Festivities!

My goodness October is flying right by. We are a week away from November and I can't believe it! But even though we are already making Thanksgiving plans and I already have a couple of Christmas presents purchased we are fully enjoying the Halloween season. On October 15th my fabulous husband took me to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. Now Disney is always a place where the young and young at heart can let go and be kids and just have fun and this is certainly true at Not So Scary. Because it had been so warm here in Orlando Mike and I opted to not dress in costume I just wore a Halloween t-shirt and we called it a night. It was so much fun running around the Magic Kingdom, trick or treating, watching the parade and fireworks, taking photos with characters and riding the rides. It was a great night and just nice to be silly with Mike.

Mike had to go to California but this time instead of hanging out alone my grandmother decided to pop down for
a quick visit. We had such a good time, we went out to eat, we shopped, we went to Epcot for a little Food & Wine Festival Fun and I took grandma to a character breakfast and that was just the best! My grandmother is just the cutest, I love having time with her and hopefully I spoiled her just a tiny bit even though it still wouldn't come close to the way she's spoiled all of us through the years!

Now I'm happy to have Mike home and we've had a nice relaxing weekend catching up with all our TV shows and tonight I actually made a new recipe tonight - Penne a la Carbonara, it is a Giada De Laurentiis recipe and can be found here. I've always shied away from Carbonara because getting the eggs just right makes me nervous but I guess I didn't have anything to worry about because we thought it was delicious and Mike keeps looking at me and thanking me for dinner so I guess I got it right!

Now this week I'll be gearing up for Halloween and making tasty trips to give out to friends and family! Stay tuned and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of course!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Off The Page Challenge!

I am late in posting this but I assure you Mom and I both had our challenges done on time last week and I have to get my act together and do this week's challenge which is due tomorrow!

Ok so this last challenge was to extend page elements off the page. This is something I had never done though I love the look of it I wasn't brave enoug
h to try it on my own pages - until now! So for this challenge I opted to kill two birds with one challenge and I not only fulfilled the Off the Page elements but I completed another page for my online class that I'm determined to finish even though the class is over. You'll see that I used a Heidi Swapp tab and clocks as my off the page elements.

The funny thing about my mom's Challenge layout is that she also used clocks. We find that a lot of times we use the same theme or elements which if funny because we aren't working on things together, I guess it's true great minds do think alike haha! I love how mom stapled her tags and tickets to the top of the page I think her layout is fun and delicious!

I hope to post the next challenge in a timely fashion so stay tuned!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a Difference 6 Years Makes!

Six years! How on Earth did six years fly by so fast! I guess what they say is really true - time flies when you're having fun!

So here is a little walk down memory lane -

Six years ago:
- we lived in NY
- at the time of our wedding we had a roommate but that didn't last much longer after we got home.
- I weighed 60 pounds less! 60!!! My god! And Mike weighed roughly 35 pounds less!
- I was going to Pilates and Yoga multiple times a week

- Mike worked for UNICEF and I worked for McGraw-Hill
- I was 26 and Mike was 29

- We weren't thinking about having a baby
- we had 3 cats
- I was sadly not talking to my cousin Kevin or my friend Kerry

and six years ago on this very day I married my best friend - as corny as that sounds it's true. I married the person who gets me, who supports me and who knows when to push me to talk and when to just leave me alone.

Today we Taylors

- Live in Florida
- have 3 cats and a dog!
- Mike works for Disney and I sell Tupperware
- I'm 32 and Mike is 35!!
- I'm thankfully not only talking to Kevin and Kerry but they are active members of our life!
- We both have high cholesterol
- Mike sleeps with a CPAP machine
- We visit Disney on a regular basis
- we have been struggling for 5 years to have a baby
- we have a car

and today it is just as true as it was six years ago that I married my best friend. Mike has been supportive through the trials of trying to get pregnant, he's encouraged me to work on my novel, he is an active part in me building my Tupperware business and we just have fun together all the time.

Looking back over the years a lot has changed but at the root of it all we are just the same, two people in love and happy to be married!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin Shortage Charlie Brown!

Last week we had a brief encounter with Fall weather here in Florida! So to honor that weather I put up all of my Fall and Halloween decorations and worked on some new craft projects and decided it was the perfect time to bust out one of my favorite Rachael Ray recipes Penne with pumpkin. So I made my grocery list, picked Mike up from work and we headed to the grocery store. What we found was a complete shock to my system after hunting aisle after aisle we could not find canned pumpkin puree so I asked an employee who told me that I was about the hundredth person to ask and that they were all out of pumpkin and that I would find most stores in the area out as well due to a pumpkin shortage!! WHAT?!

So of course I didn't take this guy's word for it I went home and did a quick online search and saw that he was right! Stores all over are low or out of canned pumpkin due to a shortage! ACK! My mind started racing with all the lovely Fall recipes that I would have to live without, no pumpkin sauce, no pumpkin pie, no pumpkin cupcakes or pumpkin blondies. I was in complete shock and the days that followed I stopped by the store and kept checking hoping against hope that I would find canned pumpkin and Sunday I was rewarded! As I walked down the canned fruits and veggies aisle there on the top shelf shining like a beacon of all things Fall were cans of Libby's Pumpkin Puree!! I quickly threw six cans into our shopping cart and was told by the store manager that once they are out of that shipment they have no idea when they will get more! I'm now wondering if I should have just bought all of the cans on the shelf but I'll have to make the six cans I bought last! So the question will be is it pumpkin worthy?

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