Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Week in the Life Final Day 7

I'm late posting Sunday's recap but yesterday I was exhausted after being up all night thanks to some pretty intense storms we had and I some how hurt my back and I can't even describe the pain I was in. Thankfully thanks to a pain pill and twelve hours of sleep I'm feeling pretty great today!!

So Sunday I rolled out of bed around 9AM, my fabulous husband woke up wit
h the dog and walked him bright and early both days this weekend! First thing I did was work out and it's a good thing I did cause once my butt hit the couch there was no getting it up!! I lost a pound between Monday and Sunday so I'm happy to report that! Mike made one of his yummy breakfasts and we watched a bunch of DVRed shows. I had thought I would cook dinner but the later it got the less motivation I had to find a recipe and go grocery shopping so we just ordered some Papa John's pizza and we watched the Dead Like Me movie and then a movie I just happened to find on Netflix called I'm Reed Fish - very cute film. Then we watched a Justice League cartoon movie - I was sold because David Boreanaz did a voice so I could happily listen to that hunk all day long!

Now that the project is over I have to put together the album. I love the album I did back in 2008 but I want to try to make this book look different - we'll see how it goes!! I also decided that I will keep documenting (in writing) what I do each day. I think by writing everything down I get more done, I eat better and I will have a better picture of what my life is now. Plus I started using this super cute notebook for the project that is not even close to full so now I can finish filling it. I will be back hopefully tomorrow with some photos of my started album!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life Day 6

I am way late posting about my Week in the Life Day 6 (Saturday) I think because today I'm feeling completely unmotivated - which means for you readers out there - tomorrow's blog will be pretty boring haha!

So yesterday we got out of the house in a timely fashion, made a stop at Mike's Uncle's house and then headed to Celebration for the Pie Festival. We talk about going to this every year and finally this year we actually went and I was kinda disappointed. It was fun in the sense that we met up with Monika and Dave and got to hang out with them for a while, I got a Starbucks Frappaccino, we walked around and saw some of the booths and Mike won a silly prize at the Giant Plinko game. But we were at the pie festival and we didn't have any pie!! They had a never ending pie buffet but that wasn't really the route I wanted to take with me trying to lose some weight and there was no other choice it wasn't like you could just go in and buy a slice or two so it was all you could eat or nothing so we just headed to our next destination which was Epcot!

Every year at this time Epco
t has the Flower and Garden Festival going and every year Mike and I go through a few times getting lots of pictures but this year we hadn't gotten there yet so yesterday we went through and made sure to take pictures of all the topiaries. I really think this year the topiaries were better then ever. Mike and I had so much fun walking around the park, chatting and snapping pictures. We stopped in China for dinner which was yummy as always! After we made our way around World Showcase we headed to the grocery store - I'm pretty sure we've gone every day this week - we desperately needed dog food and figured we'd get stuff for Mike to make breakfast on Sunday morning. Once home we settled in with our ice cream and watched The Bad Seed. I really love that movie though it's pretty creepy and I'm now convinced that whenever we do end up with a child it will turn out to be a bad seed haha!

Only one day left of the Week in the Life project! Next week I'll get my album together and I'll be sharing that with you also! And after that I'll have my Layout A Day! Stay Tuned...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mike in action

taking one of many flower pics

Epcot Entrance

a week in my life isn't complete without disney

2010-04-17 14.55.45

A Week in the Life Day 5

Friday was probably my most productive day so far this week and the day I took the least amount of pictures - funny how that worked out. The day started the same as all the others, getting Mike to work, a workout, coffee. I also threw in some laundry - it's a complete mystery to me how two people generate so much laundry but I keep it manageable by doing it three days a week. I also cleaned our bathroom, a chore that I love doing! I find it relaxing to scrub the tub and I love going in there after it's all clean. I also ran the vacuum, blogged, read the new issue of Food Network magazine in hopes of finding something I wanted to make for dinner (I didn't - not for last night anyways)

I picked up Mike and we headed over to Tom and Anna's they were nice enough to give us a mattress and box spring. Tom insisted that he help Mike carry everything so I had a chance to snap photos! Anna could not stop laughing at me! After we got the new mattress in place we headed to Publix and picked up cold cuts and snack foods. Back home we settled in and watched Avatar which of course Mike had to have on DVD! It is a fun movie though. We topped the night off with some light ice cream though we covered it in Magic Shell haha! Our nightly walk with Hooper was fantastic it was gorgeous out, Hooper played with another dog and Mike and I talked about our day and tried to make plans for Saturday but we have so many ideas we've yet to narrow them down - we better hurry with that though!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week in the Life Day 4

Day 4 - Thursday was nothing short of spectacular and not for any particular reason but for lots of little reasons. I woke up early and worked out and showered before taking Mike to work. When we left the house we got gas, made a stop at Starbucks where we sat drinking our coffees outside and chatting, waiting for the bank to open. I loved having this extra time with Mike in the morning. After a quick trip to the bank I got Mike to work and I came home where I did something out of the ordinary - I didn't put on the TV! I know, crazy right? What I did do was put on some music and I danced and dusted my way around the living room! It was so fun!

Dark Cherry Mocha Frapps are my current weakness!

I chatted on the phone with my grandmother and Lisa, had another baked potato for lunch, apparently having potatoes and cheese in the house is just as dangerous as having ice cream for me! I played too many games of Bejeweled on Facebook - I think I'll have to give that up again too! After I picked Mike up from work we went to Target, Staples and Publix. We came home and I made Lemon Basil Pasta, it is a recipe I've been making for years, it's quick and easy. I used whole wheat pasta last night which Mike didn't love but I didn't give him much of a choice! After dinner we went over to Tom and Anna's for a little bit. I could really sit and talk to those two forever! They are so funny and we talk about such a variety of things. Anna sent us home with a baggie full of Gluten Free cookies which were actually pretty darn tasty! Back at home Mike and I kept the TV off - twice in one day without the TV off - CRAZY! We walked Hooper - I've been really making an effort to walk Hooper with Mike every night - it is a nice way to wind down before going to bed.

Mike spotted the camera and his laughing at me in this shot!

Day 4 of the Week in the Life project I feel a little sad that the project is coming to a close just as I'm in the routine of snapping photos and writing down my thoughts. But I am also excited for the remaining days where we will be more active so I'll have more interesting photos to share!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week in the Life Day 3

Wednesday morning was interesting I woke up and found I could barely open my left eye it was so swollen and red - darn allergies!! So Mike got a ride to work with Tom and I took a couple of benedryl. When I woke up my vision in my left eye was still blurry so I opted to walk to Publix for much needed coffee and creamer, not wanting to chance driving. I like walking, I like being able to walk up to the grocery store when I need just a couple of things. I have noticed I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately, I'm back to drinking nearly a pot a day so I think it might be time to give it up again... we'll see.

The rest of the day I just puttered around, laundry, lunch, chatting on the phone with dad, soaps, reading and spending lots of time on the computer. Mike and I opted to take the easy route for dinner and got a rotisserie chicken and some salads. After dinner I dragged Mike on another walk, I tracked it on my phone and we went over a mile which was nice. We then spent the remainder of the evening cuddling with the fur kids, watching lots of TV and spending time on the computers, I chatted with Ruth online, we had fruit for dessert and then we took Hooper for his nightly walk.

I found yesterday not to be very productive but I still took lots of pictures and tried to capture all the little things that may not seem like anything now but I will be happy to remember in the future. Another thing I did yesterday - I signed up for Layout a Day in May - See all about it here. I wanted to do this back in February but didn't feel convinced I could do it but now I feel like not only I can do it but that I need it to pull forward creatively!

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