Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the Groove

I truly feel as though slowly but surely I'm getting back in my groove. Since my last post I have been plugging away on my novel I have over 60 pages now. I hope to hit 100 pages by the end of September!! I have been setting aside time to write a page each day and found that some days I write a little under a page and some days I write 2 or 3 pages. It has been really uplifting to create these characters and see where I can take them. I will keep you posted on my progress.

In addition to the writing I have been working out regularly and eating mostly ok not as great as I should be but definitely better then I could be so that's something. I will keep working on it. More on the health front tomorrow Mike gets his CPAP machine for his sleep apnea so I'm hoping we will both be getting better sleep now and then have more energy for working out and non-eating activities. Will keep you posted on that for sure.

Unfortunately one place I have been slacking off is in the scrapbooking department since CHA I have only done one layout! It's a layout I love but still I have to get back to working much more and catch up on the challenges me and mom were doing - she is way ahead of me! Here is the layout I did it's a 4th of July page using a House of 3 collage and 4th of July kit and using Best Creations Glitter Paper. I hope to get much more done this week!!

is weekend has been one of the great ones. Friday we went to dinner and a movie - we saw District 9 and even though I didn't care for it we had a great evening which I think is a testament to how much I love my husband! It was just so nice being together and hanging out and watching the Characters in Flight Balloon float above Downtown Disney. I'm still dying to go up there so if anyone is interested in going with me let me know.

Saturday was a full day of togetherness we went for lunch and played mini golf and then decided to walk around Epcot. Its crazy that as much as we go to the parks we still find things to check out and experience that we never have before and this time was no different. We stayed entirely in future world exploring Inoventions and The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion. It was just so much fun even as hot as it was!

Today I continued getting back in the groove by cooking for the first time in a while and boy am I glad I did - I made Weeds and Sausage from Mario Batali's book Molto Italiano - Oh my goodness this was so so so good! I could not find the recipe online so if you want it let me know and I'll either make it for you or just get you the recipe!! Just to tell you how good this meal was it was 100% worth burning my thumb for - yep I'm typing up this blog with my left thumb all wrapped up in gauze after accidentally dunking it in boiling water. I wasn't concerned until it started blistering but thanks to Mike and Web MD (and to the 3 glasses of wine) I'm currently pain free but typing rather clumsily so I will close this post for the evening!

More soon I promise!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Be-Lated Blog-avesary!

Boy I missed the boat on this one and I am late in wishing my own blog a happy Blog-aversary but I guess as they say better late then never, right?

I will start the festivities by announcing the winner of the anniversary contest! It is Gabby! This is Gabby's second win on the blog this year, she was the winner of the guess how many photos we will take on our cruise contest! I will be putting together a little goody bag for Gabby and getting it to her ASAP! As I said the goody bag will include things that were important over the last year so you can expect it to include something Tupperware, something scrapbooking related and who knows what other things I might pull out of my sleeve!

This last year of blogging has taught me a lot of things mostly about myself and it has kept me accountable for things which I absolutely need. So as I embark on another year of blogging I will continue to post about life, about creating, about cooking and I hope to get back to my new recipe a week posting and I will use my blog and blog readers to keep me in line as far as writing my novel goes. It won't write itself that's for sure!! I definitely need a push and a schedule to write every single day which I vow to start tomorrow, even if it's just a page or even just a paragraph I want to write something every single day! We went to see Julie & Julia last night what a beautiful movie and it has really inspired me. I love when that happens when you leave a movie theater and you take something with you, something that will last for a long long time. If you haven't seen it go right now! Well maybe stop and eat first because you will be hungry watching all that food.

I would love to hear from my readers (if there are any out there) about what they would like to see here in my blog, what kind of contests they'd like to see, what kind of giveaways they'd want to win and just what they hope to take away. I will do my best to accommodate you all I promise! And if you are shy about leaving a public comment feel free to email me any time.

Well today Mike and I are doing some cleaning and purging of things around this apartment. We have accumulated a lot of stuff that we haven't touched in years so we are making piles to throw away, giveaway and sell wish us luck! I do look forward to being a little more organized and having a little more room around here, this way I can start filling it up with more stuff of course!!

Thank you to all of you who ready my little blog and those of you who have encouraged me to keep going and keep plugging away! Here's to another year in the life of this coffee addict!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jubilee has left me Jubilant!

For a few years I have heard my dear friend Leslie rave about Jubilee! For those of you who don't know Jubilee is Tupperware's annual conference. So this year Leslie finally got me to become a Tupperware consultant which I'm loving and so I was able to join her for Jubilee and let me tell you, it was every bit of amazing as Leslie has been saying. Wednesday evening I hopped in the car with bags packed to spend the next few days at Leslie's house and to fully experience everything Jubilee had to offer and experience it I did. I met knew people, I had so much fun, I learned important things not only about building my Tupperware business but also about life, I was inspired, I laughed, I cried, I watched many many demos by Chef Stuart, I was on the receiving end of free goodies and I left feeling motivated, inspired and happy. I also left this year's Jubilee already registered for next year's Jubilee!

Here are a few photos from the event!

The Sand Castle Team:

Me and Leslie get our new Keep Tabs:

Chef Stuart:

My on the Yellow Brick Road to Success:

I am now determined to make a true effort in building my business and to really make a go at making it work! Wish me luck and of course if you are interested in hosting a party let me know! Together we can earn you free Tupperware and a stress free good time! I'm having a party on Wednesday so if you are in the area and you're interested in attending you are more then welcome! You Can also visit my website:

Now this is a big week here at A Day In The Life Of A Coffee Addict - Thursday is my 1 year Blog Anniversary!! I can't believe it's been a year already so in honor of the special occasion it's time to announce another contest!!! Ok leave me a comment telling me either something you've learned about me this year or something you would like to learn about me in the next year. I will announce a winner on Thursday and I will be putting together a goody bag full of items that reflect the last year!

Monday, August 3, 2009

One Craftastic Week!

Wow! That was what I kept saying over and over during my week at CHA Summer here in Orlando. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement but it was an incredible week. As I mentioned before I was working at the Best Creations booth with my friend Zanne and it was a great experience. The company specializes in glitter paper that no matter how many times I rubbed the paper the glitter did not come off. (I did not get tired of demoing that - right Zanne?) Here are a few photos from the booth.

Many said that this show was a lot smaller then shows in the past but since this was my first CHA I was just happy to be there. We worked hard and each nigh
t I got home completely exhausted but totally happy. On Thursday we walked the show and I took as many pictures as I could of some of the absolutely gorgeous up and coming items.

Here are some very cool things I fell in love with:

Basic Grey was one of my favorite booths and Nook & Pantry is my favorite new line though it is followed closely by Indian Summer!

All things Tim Holtz top my list. I was lucky enough to watch him demo the new Distress Stickles and seriously I could have watched him all day, so inspiring and just an all around nice guy!

Lots of new goodies from Tattered Angels too which I'm excited about. I've posted before how much I love Glimmer Mist and I don't see that changing anytime in the near future!! So many awesome things coming out!

Beautiful new things from Jenni Bowlin! I love all the tickets they are precious! And her booth was just cute and vintage and fun!

Not only are the girls at Glitz Design beautiful and fun but their stuff is GORGEOUS! I can see pairing these fun and gorgeous things with my stash of House of 3 goodies! I love when that happens!

We also did a quick make and take at the Tombow booth, now I'm in love with their adhesive and have been for quite some time their tape runner is the only one I'll use but I was in the dark about their fantastic markers. Thankfully I have seen the light and will be picking these up and playing!

I have so many more photos and stories that I could share but I don't want to bore you but before I close I have to thank Zanne one last time for thinking of me and throwing this opportunity my way and for introducing me to so many fabulous people! I also have to thank Gary, Richard, Joyce and Joy for a great week and great working experience. To everyone I met last week it was an absolute pleasure! Thank you for all the Facebook friend adds and the shared photos you are all so great!!

More Soon...

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