Saturday, March 12, 2011

LOADs of Fun!

I am embarrassingly late with this Layout a Day (LOAD) recap but to say that it was amazing just falls short somehow.

I'm proud to say that I completed all 28 layouts in the 28 days of February and I'm even prouder to say that my mother also completed all 28 layouts!! It was so much fun seeing how mine and my mom's takes on Lain's prompts differed and it was nice seeing my mom could create spectacular layouts in a few hours instead of a few weeks (haha!)

My biggest challenge this time around was working, not only was I getting used to my role at work but I was transitioning to full time and still trying to make time for laundry and exercising and having fun once in a while. Thankfully my husband took care of every meal during the month of February so I did not have to worry about that!!

One night in particular I thought I was going to throw in the towel - I worked a 12 hour day, got home around 8:30PM and the challenge was to use ribbon in a way you don't usually use it. ACK! Ribbon! I don't usually use ribbon on pages at all for some reason I am - no scratch that - was scared to use it. So I thought forget it I won't put together a layout with ribbon I just won't follow the prompt but then Lain announced that if you used the prompt you could win a Jar of Ribbon from! Well who am I to pass up a chance at a fabulous prize?! So while waiting for one of our meetings to start I was chatting with my boss about this challenge and we started sketching ideas. I sent a quick text to the husband asking him to print out a few photo options for me and when I got home this layout was created:

And thank goodness it was because I was extremely thrilled to find out I was the winner of the jar of ribbon!!! So today this super stuffed jar of fun arrived!!

I'm also happy to say that since using ribbon on the layout above I've used it several more times - who knew using ribbon on a layout could be so much fun!!! And now I know where I can stock up!!!


Heather said...

Yay! You got happy mail! You rocked LOAD again this time :) I'm so glad you joined up, you're always a happy presence on the boards.

Toni said...

Load was so much fun!!! and who knew i can do a layout in hours!! LOL

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