Sunday, August 28, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!!

Since we've been home for a week now I thought it was time to do a little Vegas trip recap!

Cocktails and sequins what Vegas is all about right?
We had such a good time. Arriving in Vegas always feels a little like going back home as I've mentioned in the past my family has shared quite a few big celebrations in Vegas and I have spent a lot of time in Sin City so it has that wonderful homey feel to it when I see those first slot machines in the airport and then step foot on the Strip for the first time.

My beloved Bellagio

 While in Vegas, we ate, drank, spent time with family, shopped and something that I've never done in Vegas before - WON MONEY! Not a lot of money you don't get rich playing penny slots but it was awfully nice to fund a couple of shopping trips and to come home with some spending money!

boy we ate a lot in Vegas!
Me and my dad in Vegas

Loved getting time with my mom
The big reason we were in Vegas this time was to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Kevin and his now lovely wife Trish. Growing up Kevin was more then a cousin, he was and has been like a big brother to me so it was very special sharing this big day with him. And it was a beautiful day and wow did they serve us a ridiculous amount of food!!

Mom and Kevin!! Love this picture of the two of them

The newlyweds and their super cool cake!

Me and Mike at the wedding
I also got to lay by the pool with mom, do some crafting and go on wedding appointments with my sister. We packed an awful lot into a few days and now just 29 weeks until we get to go again!!!!

Pool Time!

Pages from my Smash book!

Started the book in Vegas added photos when I got home

Quality time with mom and my sister. A rare picture of us together!


tonileo said...

Wasn't it a great trip, thanks for the recap!!!

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

Yay for the journaling on the road!

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