Saturday, October 15, 2011


I am still here alive and and for the most part well. I have let so many other things get in the way of blogging and crafting and cooking but I'm here and I'm back on track. It helps that this is my absolute favorite time of year there is something about the Fall that just inspires me. The weather is getting nicer, the holiday season is kicked off, there are so many yummy foods and amazing craft projects that just need to be done so it makes me happy to be back in action now that Fall is in full swing. 

I kicked off Fall festivities with a quick trip to New York and New Jersey. The reason for the trip was so I could be Godmother to my dear friends Bob and Shannon's new bundle of joy Raiden. While I was traveling up North I spent a couple of days with my cousin and best friend Denise. Being with Denise reminded me how much I love the City and city life. Walking to the store and getting our hair done, and going to parks that did not have rides and lines and gift shops but instead had trees and leaves and walking paths. One day we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and it was dreary and rainy and I was wet but happy! And Denise made me feel so welcome that I'm already trying to figure out when I can get up there again! 

Denise on the Brooklyn Bridge

It was windy and wet and fabulous


Aahh yes real and delicious NY pizza! 

Me and Denise in the park 

In Jersey I got to spend time with Bob and Shannon and all their children - how fun! I wanted to smuggle the kids home with me. The Christening was beautiful and Shannon and Bob really went above and beyond making me feel welcome and comfortable in their home. 

The Christening

Me and the adorable Piper! 

My Godson Raiden

Willow and Amelia

So glad I got to spend time with Diana and meet Amelia FINALLY!

Now that Fall is underway and the weather is cooling off here in Florida we are going to be out and about much more and I will be blogging much more. I apologize for my absence but I will ask you my readers to hold me accountable and see that I don't disappear again! More soon... 

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damazingmama and little Faith said...

Dear Danielle,
I met you thru true scrap. You live in Orlando, I in West palm beach. Just thought I would give you a shout. Your pics are so fun. Looks like you have a great family. If you ever want to contact me, or give me a shout, my blog is and my website is can't wait till the next true scrap!!

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