Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Contest Winner!!!

I know, I know I'm late posting the contest winner and not because I didn't know the winner as I was getting off the ship I just feel that as I start posting about the cruise it really and truly means it's over - silly I know!

So, before toda
y is over I promise to post a full and no doubt wordy recap of our most fabulous trip ever but for now hold on to your seats: We took 541 pictures on our trip, which I admit is way less then I thought I would, I think we just got caught up having fun! So the closest guess belongs to my dear friend Gabby - she guessed 550 photos!! Way to go Gabby! Gabby thought she didn't have much of a chance since I talked up how many photos my memory card could hold but she sure showed me!!

So this photo was taken on the Serenity Bay Beach which is the adult only beach on Disney's Castaway Cay - at this point of the trip I had no idea that Gabby was going to be the winner, this is just a running joke and I wanted to make her laugh and let her know we were thinking of her on our trip! Congrats again Gabby I will get your prize to you soon!! I have no idea why the photo is sideways it is not like that in my file. Oh well!


Gabbzilla said...

Holy crap, that is hilarious! I feel like I was right there with you on vaca.

Lisa said...

you are HILARIOUS!!! i LOVE reading your blogs...the way you describe the whole trip just sounds AMAZING!!! I am so glad you both had the times of your lives..that's what i was hoping for before you left....the pictures are incredible and from the sounds of it...everything was PERFECT!!! i was never a big cruise fan (possible seasick and all) but you are slowly making me a and Mikey are just ROCKSTARS to me...livin' the life baby!!! YOU ROCK!! luv ya! xoxoxx

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