Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Be-Lated Blog-avesary!

Boy I missed the boat on this one and I am late in wishing my own blog a happy Blog-aversary but I guess as they say better late then never, right?

I will start the festivities by announcing the winner of the anniversary contest! It is Gabby! This is Gabby's second win on the blog this year, she was the winner of the guess how many photos we will take on our cruise contest! I will be putting together a little goody bag for Gabby and getting it to her ASAP! As I said the goody bag will include things that were important over the last year so you can expect it to include something Tupperware, something scrapbooking related and who knows what other things I might pull out of my sleeve!

This last year of blogging has taught me a lot of things mostly about myself and it has kept me accountable for things which I absolutely need. So as I embark on another year of blogging I will continue to post about life, about creating, about cooking and I hope to get back to my new recipe a week posting and I will use my blog and blog readers to keep me in line as far as writing my novel goes. It won't write itself that's for sure!! I definitely need a push and a schedule to write every single day which I vow to start tomorrow, even if it's just a page or even just a paragraph I want to write something every single day! We went to see Julie & Julia last night what a beautiful movie and it has really inspired me. I love when that happens when you leave a movie theater and you take something with you, something that will last for a long long time. If you haven't seen it go right now! Well maybe stop and eat first because you will be hungry watching all that food.

I would love to hear from my readers (if there are any out there) about what they would like to see here in my blog, what kind of contests they'd like to see, what kind of giveaways they'd want to win and just what they hope to take away. I will do my best to accommodate you all I promise! And if you are shy about leaving a public comment feel free to email me any time.

Well today Mike and I are doing some cleaning and purging of things around this apartment. We have accumulated a lot of stuff that we haven't touched in years so we are making piles to throw away, giveaway and sell wish us luck! I do look forward to being a little more organized and having a little more room around here, this way I can start filling it up with more stuff of course!!

Thank you to all of you who ready my little blog and those of you who have encouraged me to keep going and keep plugging away! Here's to another year in the life of this coffee addict!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Going to try to post on here more often. Talk to you later! Happy Blogaversary! :) Monika

Gabbzilla said...

Woohoo! I'm a winner! I'm a winner! LOL!

Mandi said...

Happy Blogoversary Danielle! Sorry I missed it by a couple weeks. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you blog about this coming year as well. :)

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