Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the Groove

I truly feel as though slowly but surely I'm getting back in my groove. Since my last post I have been plugging away on my novel I have over 60 pages now. I hope to hit 100 pages by the end of September!! I have been setting aside time to write a page each day and found that some days I write a little under a page and some days I write 2 or 3 pages. It has been really uplifting to create these characters and see where I can take them. I will keep you posted on my progress.

In addition to the writing I have been working out regularly and eating mostly ok not as great as I should be but definitely better then I could be so that's something. I will keep working on it. More on the health front tomorrow Mike gets his CPAP machine for his sleep apnea so I'm hoping we will both be getting better sleep now and then have more energy for working out and non-eating activities. Will keep you posted on that for sure.

Unfortunately one place I have been slacking off is in the scrapbooking department since CHA I have only done one layout! It's a layout I love but still I have to get back to working much more and catch up on the challenges me and mom were doing - she is way ahead of me! Here is the layout I did it's a 4th of July page using a House of 3 collage and 4th of July kit and using Best Creations Glitter Paper. I hope to get much more done this week!!

is weekend has been one of the great ones. Friday we went to dinner and a movie - we saw District 9 and even though I didn't care for it we had a great evening which I think is a testament to how much I love my husband! It was just so nice being together and hanging out and watching the Characters in Flight Balloon float above Downtown Disney. I'm still dying to go up there so if anyone is interested in going with me let me know.

Saturday was a full day of togetherness we went for lunch and played mini golf and then decided to walk around Epcot. Its crazy that as much as we go to the parks we still find things to check out and experience that we never have before and this time was no different. We stayed entirely in future world exploring Inoventions and The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion. It was just so much fun even as hot as it was!

Today I continued getting back in the groove by cooking for the first time in a while and boy am I glad I did - I made Weeds and Sausage from Mario Batali's book Molto Italiano - Oh my goodness this was so so so good! I could not find the recipe online so if you want it let me know and I'll either make it for you or just get you the recipe!! Just to tell you how good this meal was it was 100% worth burning my thumb for - yep I'm typing up this blog with my left thumb all wrapped up in gauze after accidentally dunking it in boiling water. I wasn't concerned until it started blistering but thanks to Mike and Web MD (and to the 3 glasses of wine) I'm currently pain free but typing rather clumsily so I will close this post for the evening!

More soon I promise!!


Gabbzilla said...

Oh my gosh! That food looks insanely delicioso and I'd be willing to be that your injury was worth it. I mean a mere sacrifice for deliciousness is a must every now and again. Ha ha.

Sandy said...

ok, you still have to do Kimpossible at much fun!

You let me know when you want to go up in the balloon and I'm there!

I've been slacking, ALOT, on the workout front, this is my week to get back in the saddle!!!

Mandi said...

That looks delicious Danielle. So now I am trying to figure out how you can make it for me and then ship it all the way to Illinois! lol j/k Hope your thumb is feeling better.

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