Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Up with the Season!

Ok so I have a little catching up to do on the old blog but here I am and I'm going to give catching up my best shot! So sit back and enjoy since there are lots of photos and stories for me to share!

So since my last post Mike got really sick which meant we spent quite a few days camped out on the couch watching movies, but it also gave me a chance to sit and write out all our Christmas cards. I absolutely love Christmas cards, I love taking the time and picking out photos that really let people know what we've been up to all year and I love taking the time writing everyone little notes, which always has me vowing to write more letters which I don't always follow through on but hey this is another year so I just might! I also love getting Christmas cards, seeing how all the little ones have grown and hearing from people I don't get to see often.

Of course since Mike was sick that of course meant I got sick too! We did finish our Christmas shopping but being out and about just made me feel worse so hope it was for rest. It was the worst time for me to get sick since I had tons of stuff to do in order to get ready for our big Cookies & Cocktails party. So I sucked it up and got to baking!!

So every year I have a little tradition and the first cookie
I bake is my mom's Anise Pillows (sorry no recipe posting on that one) so this year was no different, I turned on the tree lights and played the Supremes Christmas album and got to work. When the first batch was cooled and sprinkled with powdered sugar I was ready to take a taste. I closed my eyes and took a bite and suddenly I was no longer in our kitchen here in Orlando but I was a little girl in mom's kitchen on Staten Island! I love how something so simple like a cookie and music can send you right back through time.

In between all the baking I took a break to meet Mike out at Disney Hollywood Studios, I love watching the lights and it was fun hanging with some
of Mike's friends/co-workers - now if only it hadn't been quit so hot and humid it would have really felt festive.

Friday evening we took another brief break from party preparations to stop by our complex holiday party. So much fun! Our neighbors really know how to party! I love that we are getting to know everyone in the complex and that so many of them are actually becoming friends. Of course it means I might never want to move away from here!!

After baking late into Friday night and then waking up early to clean and set up it was party time! We had such a great turnout!! At one point Mike counted 38 party guests! It was a great mix of guests, some neighbors, co-workers, friends we see often and friends we haven't seen in many years. It was so great catching up with everyone and reconnecting. It really felt like we were embracing the holiday spirit. The cookies and cocktails were a big hit but we still have tons left over we could probably have a whole other party!! Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures at the party, actually if it wasn't for Monika I probably wouldn't have had any!

Yesterday and today we were getting back into the swing of things, getting the house back in order and I worked on pages for my Celebrate the Season album. I am loving this project and we have so many fun things planned over the next couple of weeks so it will be exciting to watch the pages fill up!!! Here are those that I added tonight!!

Ok so
I'm off for now but I hope to not get so far behind again - wish me luck!!

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