Friday, December 18, 2009

Celebrating the Season By Being Spontaneous!

Most of our evenings lately have been hanging out at home and watching Holiday Specials on TV. I love watching them I never get tired of them and year after year the holidays do not seem complete without watching Rudolph and Frosty and the Grinch and this year is absolutely no different! Soon we will re-watch The Muppets Christmas Carole and I've already set up the DVR to record Prancer. These may seem like little things but to me they are absolutely an important part of our holiday celebrations!

On Tuesday my friend Anna called asking if I was in
terested in going for one of our walks and then to lunch, I of course did not refuse! Anna had discovered a new walking spot in Celebration and we walked and talked and marveled at the beautiful houses and looked at all the decorations and then we sat on a bench in the shade in a really picture perfect spot and chatted some more and then Anna asked where I wanted to go to lunch and there on that bench we decided to do something different and head into Disney Hollywood Studios and have lunch at one of the restaurants there! We were seated quickly which surprised us both since we were worried that the park would be crowded and we enjoyed delicious food, fun with the characters and just enjoyed watching all the children in the restaurant. It was so nice sharing this experience with Anna and doing something spur of the moment!!

Yesterday morning I went on a little shopping trip to Target where I bought stocking stuffers for Mike and goodies for the fur babies and a peppermint mocha latte for myself!!!! It was nice being in the nearly empty store listening to the Christmas music and picking out goodies. Once home I wrapped Mike's presents. Now I love giving gifts, I love picking them out and I love watching the recipients opening their gifts and seeing if they like everything what I hate about presents is wrapping them. I'm a horrible wrapper, I lack patience, I get frustrated, it's just not even close to an enjoyable process for me. The only presents I ever wrap are Mike's and he does the rest because he's awesome at wrapping and I feel so bad cause all the presents look beautiful but Mike's presents look like Hooper wrapped them!!

So I think to make up for the poor wrapping I was eager to cook dinner for Mike so I pulled out a bunch of recipes and had Mike choose his favorite and we went shopping for the ingredients but what I ended up making barely resembled the recipe - it was delicious I just took a lot of liberties. It was a Rachael Ray recipe you can find it here. But I added prosciutto, and I forgot to buy green onions so I added a touch of nutmeg and sage and we used chicken tortellini and I added blue cheese! SO yummy!! It just proves that sometimes being spontaneous and taking chances can really turn into something spectacular!!

More soon...

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EmilyRSPS said...

What cute Christmas cards? Did you design them yourself?

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