Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Top Ten

Most years I try to document in some way both mine and Mike's Top Ten list of the year. Usually we just write it out in a notebook on New Year's Eve and I vow to blog it or scrapbook it but never do - this year I'm sharing it and hopefully will get inspired to scrapbook it instead of just leaving it forgotten in a notebook. So without further ado here are our Top Ten Lists!

*note: Mike's list is very vague, usually just a few words so I might have to add some of my own commentary!*

1. Cruise
2. Citricos - Mike took me for my birthday and it was one of the best meals ever so I totally get this one!
3. The Holidays - I'm thinking he just meant the Christmas holidays but you never can tell!
4. The Fuzzy Blanket! - this one speaks for itself
5. Water Aerobics - I'm as surprised as you that this one made Mike's list!
6. The Star Trek Movie
7. Lazy Weekends
8. Danielle's Cooking - When I asked him to be more specific he said it was impossible since it was all so good, I'm very flattered!
9. Meeting Bob Iger
10. Optimus Prime Birthday Cake - yeah I did outdo myself with that one!

Danielle's List:

1. The Cruise!!!!!!!
2. Meeting Tom & Anna
3. A drama free holiday
4. Grandma's visit - surprising her with a character breakfast and taking her to Food & Wine
5. Working CHA with Zanne and getting to meet Tim Holtz
6. Cookies & Cocktails party! Spending time with friends was very very special
7. Renting a boat at Downtown Disney and the Wilderness Lodge
8. The Tupperware Jubilee
9. The Sylvas visit!!!!
10. Mikey's Rice Balls!!!

And there you have it we move into 2010 with 2009 well documented and very much enjoyed by both Taylors!!

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Anonymous said...

DUDE!!!! i'm in your TOP 10!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!! well dahlin...if i made a top 10 this year..that trip wpuld SO BE ON IT TOO!!!!! THE BEST!!!!! can't wait for a couple of more months!!! OH MY!!!! and yes you definately out did yourself with Optimus Prime Cake...AWESOME!!!

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