Monday, February 1, 2010

The Challenges are Back!

Many of you may remember that last year me and my mom worked on weekly challenges from Elsie Flannigan's book but towards the end of 2009 we got lazy about the challenges and I slacked off much more then I should have. But my mom nagged...ahem... I mean urged me to get started again. This time we are using Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planner for ideas and challenges. We will be going back to Elsie's book and using various other books and magazines for ideas and challenges so we can keep them fresh and hopefully keep us on track!

Our first challenge we did was page 48 in the magazine, we
had to back photos with strips of paper and or ribbon. This is something I've been wanting to try for a long time but I've always been afraid that my papers wouldn't match, that the ribbon would wrinkle - all excuses and none very good ones. So I was really eager to get this one done!

I played with my title on this one playing with the word Eerie to fit my needs and the photo. I used Halloween paper, ribbon and embellishments that I've been holding on to for that perfect layout and I used the wrist bands they give out at Mickey's Not So Scary Hall
oween Party. It was the first time I actually used an event bracelet though I of course save them every time haha!! I tilted the layout to make it even more playful!

I love my mom's take on this layout. She used a beautiful photo taken on a foggy day in Colonial Williamsburg, I love that my mom stuck with the sketch and did a lot of doodling on the page it turned out incredible. She used some great papers and I love love love the corrugated letters Mom used on her title - good thing I love them so much since Mom included some in my birthday present!!

I hope to have the next challenge posted by Friday so stay tuned!!!


Lisa said...

They both came out AMAZING!!! i love that you 2 do this...i think it's so GREAT...exspecially because you guys live so far's really a very cool bond between you both....and we get to reep the benefits and enjoy it all!!!! love you guys!!!

Toni said...

Thanks miss Lisa it keeps us together. And I love that you put them on your blog Daniellee. love to all

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