Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm How Old??!!

It feels like just yesterday i was celebrating my 30th birthday and here I am at 33! How on earth did that happen??

This year I kind of took being spoiled and celebrating my birthday to the next level and instead of celebrating for a day my birthday snowballed into a week long celebration! There was dinner with Monika and Dave - Dave also just celebrated a birthday and I hope it was a very happy one! I really enjoy the little tradition we have now of celebrating our birthday today. On my actual birthday I spent the day with Ruth in Animal Kingdom, it was just too much fun, perfect weather, no crowds, lots of girl talk and laughing and a crazy amount of picture taking! I received an awesome present from my parents, a package packed with awesome scrapbooking goodies!! I can't wait to get creating with all this good stuff.

Now Mike had spilled the beans and told me we were spending a weekend at Disney's Port Orleans Resort, French Quarter which I was absolutely over the moon excited about and under the impression that this stay was my gift and rightfully so - and then a package came and inside the most beautiful necklace!! My husband is far too good for me! Our weekend was amazing, just relaxing, full of good food and just togetherness, walking hand in hand and talking without the distractions of the TV and our laptops getting in the way. And really enjoying the feeling of being away even though we were someplace we can really go anytime we like. We had a fabulous dinner, I was sung to and given balloons and I felt spoiled, special and at times like a little girl. Not sure how Mike could possibly top it next year but I'm willing to bet he's going to try!

Now that I'm 33 and have been for 8 days - ACK! - I should set some goals for the next year. So here are the top 3 things I hope to make happen before I hit 34.

1. Get healthy! Of course I want to lose weight, eat better and exercise more but I also want to make sure I visit all my doctors and make sure everything checks out. I have spent far too much time neglecting my health.

2. Create, create, create! I want to complete lots of craft projects and do some redecorating around the apartment and hopefully finish the first draft of my novel!

3. Let myself off the hook. For the last several years I've put everything I have into trying to have a baby, I've given up a job and just everything in my life has been about trying to get pregnant and I have found that I'm not only way to wrapped up in it but I'm also measuring my self worth on my ability or inability as the case seems to be on having a baby. I have to let myself off this hook on this one. This is probably going to be my biggest challenge this year.

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Ruthy said...

I'm going to assume you don't want to hear my personal crisis of not handling the thought of the big 3-0. lol. I'll wait a little bit before I talk about that.

I LOVE the pictures from your weekend. You look adorable and super happy w/ your balloons.

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