Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Wish List

Ok so I'm a little late posting these but every New Year's Eve Mike and I sit down and write our wish list for the year ahead and by sit down, I mean I force Mike to write this list and stare at him until he writes something!

So here you go the 11 things we each wish for in 2011:


1. Lose more weight
2. Go on a cruise
3. Finish rough draft of novel
4. Create, create, create
5. Take better photos
6. Keep in better touch with family and friends
7. Run a 5K
8. Succeed at work
9. Read more, play on Facebook less
10. Be Happy
11. Finally get pregnant


1. Cruise
2. New Car
3. Make progeny progress
4. Promotion
5. Get organized
6. Start Blog
7. Online Photo Store
8. Finish Harry Potter Audio Books
9. Get off soda - again
10. Start Working Out
11. Not be killed by wife (I can only assume this last was because of the glares he was getting!)

There you have it! I will be sure to keep you posted on how we are doing through the year - wish us luck!!


Debra said...

I like the idea of this being a "wish list" rather than a "goals list". I did a goals list and erased the getting pregnant part, however, a wish list is a great place to put that!
Good luck to both of you (especially with Mikey not getting killed by wife) this year with your wishes :)


Lisa said...

Danielle..i love that you make Mikey do it too!!!! I should do that to Mark....that was really interesting and motivating too!!! i hope you both succeed in every last one of your goals including Mikey's last one!!!! hehehe!!!!

Missy said...

ThIs is a lovely idea! I might come in a bit late on this on and do it with my fiancé x

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