Sunday, August 31, 2008

Opening Up

It takes a lot for me to do this but I am going to share a poem I recently wrote. It isn't often that I let people read what I write let alone post it in a public forum on the World Wide Web. After a push from my friend Tam who already read the poem and thought highly of it I am feeling brave so here it goes.

The Phone sits still and silent
The inbox, less full
The ache of loneliness
fills the space
abandoned by happiness
Treasured memories
packed away
kept safe for another day
when tears are less eager to fall
A door to friendship closes
heartbreak creeps through a window
Clouds crowd out the sun
darkness signals this love is done.

So there you have it. I'm not quite brave enough just yet to go into the details that inspired this poem but I am interested to hear your thoughts and any constructive criticisms you might have.

I have not been good about keeping up with the blog this week so today will be a busy blogging day so stay tuned!!


Gabbzilla said...

Oh my! Your poem broke my heart (and I suspect I know what inspired it and that makes me even sadder).

Anyway, GREAT job...I love it!

Gabbzilla said...

Don't be skeered! You're among friends here! Now I'm no poetic genius n such but I know what I like and I like your poems. I get the point & I feel the pain.

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