Monday, September 29, 2008

A Week In The Life - Day 1

Today I started my Week in the Life photo and journaling journey. I got the idea from Ali Edwards Blog. (see link in previous post) Above are just a few of the pictures I took today. I am really enjoying this project so far it is amazing how much attention I paid to the little details that I would usually just ignore or not even notice at all. I also got Mikey involved in helping me take some of the pictures so it is a fun little thing for us to do together.

Today I also started on my healthier lifestyle. I did 20 minutes of Pilate's this morning before even taking Mikey to work, then I came home and took Hooper for an hour walk - it felt so good just being outside and walking again. Then tonight after dinner I dragged Mikey to the gym where I spent 40 minutes sweating my butt off but it felt good. What didn't feel good was banging my leg into the stationary bike and now I have a large throbbing bruise on my upper outer thigh - that's what I get for being clumsy. Hmm I might even have to photograph the bruise it is after all part of this week in my life :)

I really need to cook something fabulous for dinner tomorrow and would like to try a new recipe so I'm going to spend some time tomorrow morning looking through my cookbooks, if anyone has any ideas please share them! Thanks Gabby for the pasta salad recipe I filed it away and will hopefully make that soon!!

Thanks for reading everyone! I am planning on posting everyday so be sure to check back!!

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kc2pyn said...

hmmmm week in the life?.... YOU did pilates BEFORE takeing him to work! That is EARLY! WHOA! Good job!i shall look into this week in the life!

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