Monday, April 6, 2009

Super Sleepy Monday

I'm sitting here fighting to keep my eyes open, drinking cup after cup of coffee. Last night I just couldn't fall asleep - I found myself watching tv, walking around the living room, reading, just waiting for my eyes to get heavy but no such luck. So today is no doubt going to be a long one but I'm proud of myself I did wake up, get Mike to work and did a good workout. Today I also want to create and I have some writing I want to do.

Friday Mom and I completed another challenge. This challenge was to use ribbon as a border. This was a fun challenge for me because I have a ton of ribbon but I'm always afraid to use it and this challenge gave me permission to use my ribbon stash and to also complete my 2008 Christmas layout. I had a lot of fun with it. Mom did another great layout where she included pictures of herself. I can't believe we are three weeks in already. It is a great feeling to know that no matter what else happens during the week I'm going to at least complete one page.

Once again I can not get my photo to turn the correct way even though every place I have it saved it is not this way! But if you click on it you can see a full size photo.

terday I made a big pot of sauce. I put it on the stove early in the day and just let it simmer all day the whole house still smells like sauce and it tasted fantastic. I did a few things with the sauce I don't usually do, like adding sausage and pork hocks to it and Mike and I sat at the dining room table to eat instead of on the couch which was a nice change of pace. Sometimes it's nice to sit and talk instead of sit in front of our computers and TV. Now we have lovely sauce to eat all week. I'm seeing homemade pizza in our future.

Well I'm off for now but will post more soon!


Sandy said...

mmmmm, we made homemade pizza last week. love it! though, i didn't have homemade sauce!! LOL!

Mika said...

Great to read your blog. Mika (

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