Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week Five and Still Alive

I really can't believe Mom and I have 5 challenges under our belt, which means we have five completed pages/layouts complete. It's really exciting to know that we are making this time to craft and do this for one another and it's nice to know that regardless of what's going on each week we're getting at least one page done.

So this week's challenge was playing with flowers, alt
ering them and adding different embellishments to them. Now I use a lot of flowers on my pages but usually one or two as just a finishing touch and I almost always just place a button in the center so this time I thought outside of that box just a bit. For one flower I sprayed it with shimmer mist and added a touch of glitter to the center and on the other page instead of just one or two flowers I used six and filled the centers with colorful brads with either a hint of glitter or some well place bling! I love how these pages came out and I can't wait to hear what you think. I absolutely loved Castaway Cay so it was really important for me to get some of those beautiful feelings out of my head and into my scrapbook. Hopefully I succeeded!

Mom's page is gorgeous! I think this is my favorite of the pages she's done for these challenges which is saying a lot because I love them all. Mom painted her flowers, layered flowers, used paper flowers and chipboard flowers and this page turned out gorgeous! How lucky am I to have such a talented mom??? If only more of her talent rubbed off on me!

This week I went to the doctor, no real surprise I have to lose weight. Mike made the appointment behind my back but he was right to do it. I hate going to the doctor but we really have to get healthy and start viewing this infertility from a different standpoint. Instead of viewing it as the problem we are viewing it as a symptom to a bigger problem. So my wonderful doctor gave me an exercise regimen to follow, and she wants me to go off caffeine - ACK - obviously I didn't just pick the title for this blog out of thin air, I love coffee, I'm addicted to coffee! I like it iced or hot, I like the fancy flavored creamers or the frozen concoctions and now I have to cut it out!! AHHHHH. I mean I know that I drink way too much coffee, I drink a pot or more most days! So I know, like I know that I'm chubby, that I have to cut down the coffee, it's just a lot to take in but if it will help get me healthy I'm committed to it. Wish me luck!! I'm sure I'll be posting my progress here and whining about how much I miss coffee.

This morning we have to get going and do some errands and I have to absolutely get to the gym and do my workout but first I had to post. Stay tuned for another update shortly as we Taylors had a very fun day yesterday that I just have to share!!


Lisa said...

Listen you....BOTH of you guys are RIDICULOUSLY talented....i mean...between you and My was AMAZING...and so cool to see the difference in thought and imagination!!! i think you both outdid yourselves!!!! Keep Up the GREAT WORK...i think it's doin nothing but good for ya!! XOXO

Joy said...

Your layouts are amazing! I wish I had someone to give me incentive. I have been so lazy and haven't stamped or scrapped in ages. I can barely get my once a monthly 6x6 recipe page done

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