Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Bee!

This is going to be one busy but super fun week! Tomorrow I will start three days of work at the CHA Summer show and I can't wait! I'll be working at the Best Creations booth. I am nervous to actually work again after nearly two years of not working but I'm so excited to be thrown into the craft world at this huge event!!! This opportunity is all thanks to my friend Zanne she just totally rocks - I can't say more about her then that!! I'm sure there will be photos of the fun when the week is out but until then I probably won't be around much this week but I promise to take notes so I can blog every single detail!!

This weekend Mike and I decided to camp out in the living room. I forgot how fun that could be to do something just unexpected in our own home. It was fun, the animals got a big kick out of it, we popped in the Director's Cut of Watchmen and took silly pictures and had a good time. I also decided to play with the timer on my camera and this is one of my favorite photos from the little shoot. It's so rare that me and Mike are in a shot together and of course Hooper had to join us. I think we'll be having more of these little photo shoots in the future.

Well I have a lot more to post but I have to wake up pretty darn early tomorrow so I have to get to bed but I promise another post very soon! Have a great week!

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Lisa said...

you guys are so darn you got me thinkin'...we are gonna have to campout in the living room soon...i forgot how AWESOME and FUN it is!!!! YOU ROCK!!! love and miss ya!!! xoxox i love your blogs!!! HAVE A BLAST at your new job!!!

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