Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Today is one of those wonderful days where everyone gets together and eats burgers and hot dogs, plays outside, and watches fireworks and that's wonderful because it is indeed a day to celebrate! To celebrate living in a country that is free, to celebrate having all that we as Americans have and to be thankful of those who make sacrifices so we can continue to have this freedom. It's a great day to spend time with family and friends, to smile, to laugh, to have fun and just to celebrate all the good things in our lives! So I hope everyone has a safe and happy Independance Day! I am looking forward to celebrating today with Mike and of course there will be pictures and a full wrap up soon!

Yesterday we kicked off the long weekend by meeting up with Tanya and her boys! It was so much fun watching the boys play and spending time with all of them. It's something we don't do enough but will hopefully do much more in the future. After we parted ways Mike and I went to see Public Enemies, good movie! I really enjoyed it and really think they captured the time in making this film. Of course it had a lot going for it as far as I'm concerned, I love a good gangster movie, I love a good period piece and I LOVE Johnny Depp!

I've mentioned that I started taking an online scrapbooking class - The Challenge of Me! I'm into the second week and I'm totally loving this class. Not only do I feel I'm getting a lot out of it but I'm in love with doing 6x12 pages! I am playing, and writing about myself and my life, I'm learning techniques and how to have fun with scrapbooking again and I'm learning about myself too! It's been so much fun!! Here are a few of the pages I've done so far!

Have a very safe and happy holiday everyone! More soon...

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