Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Recipes!

So on Friday when Mike asked how I wanted to spend the evening, I opted out of our usual dinner and a movie for a night at home cooking together. Not only was it fun (and a little messy) cooking together but we tried not one but two new recipes!!

Both recipes were taken from Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine so here we go. The headliner was the Cape Cod Reuben - you can find the recipe here. We made one change instead of slaw we topped our Reubens with sauerkraut! This was a really flavorful sandwich the Russian Dressing, sharp swiss cheese and the sauerkraut paired nicely with the rye bread and the fish. However we wouldn't use this particular batter as a stand alone for frying fish we would use a batter with more kick but it was what this sandwich needed so as not to overwhelm the sandwich.

For our side we made Buffalo Potato Wedges with Warm Blue Cheese Dip - find the recipe here. These may have just been a side dish but they were the star of the show as far as we were concerned! They turned out so delicious!! I can tell you I used more butter and hot sauce then the recipe called for but only a little - I like things spicy! I was hesitant to warm the blue cheese sauce but I am so glad it did the cheese was so nice and blended into this sauce it was super delicious! I will definitely be making these again - not sure how soon but only because I have a little weight to lose first!!

So there you have it last week's new recipes! I have no idea what this week's new recipe is but I promise I will post a full report! Check back soon I have lots of updates so I am going to be posting a lot over the next few days and possibly weeks!

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