Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The 21 Day Challenge and Loving Life!

Today is day two of the 21 Day Challenge I have joined on Rhonna Farrer's blog. Rhonna is one of the remarkable gals responsible for House of 3 not to mention countless other amazing things and she has challenged us to create or break a habit in 21 days. So as many of you know I've been trying like crazy to give up coffee and both Mike and I DESPERATELY need to get exercising on a regular basis so I thought now was the time to get rid of one bad habit and pick up a really good one.

So far things are going much better then I thought. I got Mike up today and yesterday earlier so that we could exercise before getting Mike to work. We have tried working out in the evenings but it just hasn't gone very well so now we are giving the morning a try and wow what a difference! I feel so energized and it forces me to get in the shower really early in the morning so that when I get home from taking Mike to work I'm ready to go!!

The coffee business was not as easy yesterday by 3PM I was dying for a cup but I held strong and kept my cool and resisted the urge to run to Dunkin Donuts. It is so great having a challenge so that I hold myself accountable I think it will be a big help. It is still early today but so far my one little cup of green tea is curbing the desire for coffee... well for now anyway. I plan on posting often during the challenge to keep you all posted and to keep myself honest. Wish me luck!

Now I know it's Wednesday so I'm a little late talking about the weekend but I just had to make sure I did talk about it because it was fabulous! This last weekend was Labor Day Weekend so we got an extra day of togetherness. Saturday I spent the morning with my fabulous new Tupperware Recruit - she is really awesome and I truly look forward to working with her. It's also not because we have way more then just Tupperware in common! Saturday evening we met some old friends for dinner at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort which I love. The food is always fantastic and then we headed to the beach to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. It really gave us the feeling that we were on vacation so we continued that trend the rest of the weekend.

Got this fabulous drink at Kona Cafe!

Sunday we headed out early and made our way to Downtown Disney where we had lunch at the Earl of Sandwich which we hadn't been to in ages since it's always so crowded and then we did something I haven't done since I was a kid - we rented a boat! What a fantastic time we had. Mike surprisingly did all of the driving and we just relaxed and took pictures and chatted and just spent nice time together. It is something I can see us doing much more in the future.

Monday we headed to Animal Kingdom Lodge for breakfast at one of my absolute favorite places Boma! The food is out of this world and they have this juice that is heavenly and I don't even like juice. After breakfast we walked around this amazing resort, taking pictures, looking at the animals and playing in the arcade. Then we came home and ended the weekend by hanging out on the couch watching TV. Pure Heaven! It was a really great weekend with another great one on the horizon as we are planning Mike's birthday celebration!!!

More Soon...


jess from florida (willowgrove) said...

i'm so impressed with your goal - it is going to be such a challenge...but it sounds like you've got a great partner to help you out. (and all of us 21ers to cheer you along). you CAN do this!


Bonnie said...

Hi Dani
A fellow 21-er popping in to say hi and that ANYTHING is possible if you set your mind to it! Keep going and know we are all rooting for you! By the way, just many cups of coffee a day counts as an addiction? Cos I love coffee too and I drink about 3-4 cups a day, just wondering what constitutes an addiction to it? hee hee! KEEP GOING STRONG>>>>>

Dani said...

Jess thank you so much for the post and for leading the cheering section I need all the help I can get!

Bonnie - I was drinking at least 14 cups of coffee and a day and that didn't count the stops for iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts or Frappaccinos at Starbucks or those days when I would make not one but two pots of coffee therefore drinking 20 or more cups!

zanne said...

Oh my god, you gave up coffee all together, so does that mean you can jump on the Diet Dr. Pepper bandwagon? Looks like you had fun this weekend. One of these days I have to try The Earl of Sandwich!

Michelle*G said...

Now that's a scary goal about the coffee (I'm an addict too!)...but kudos to you and your man for working to make these changes in your life! I wish you both much success and that you find each day a little easier than the last!

And thanks for the Disney pictures....Kona Cafe is one of my favorites and Animal Kingdom my favorite park! Brings back great memories. :)

Rhonna Farrer said...

LOVE your new blog are a*mazing!!!

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