Monday, September 14, 2009

21 Day Challenge Day 7

With a great big thank you to Rhonna Farrer I am on day 7 of the 21 day challenge and I have managed to not drink even a single sip of coffee! I am stunned that I've made it this far I've had some moments where I thought for sure I would fall off the wagon but I have powered through and the more days that pass the easier it is. I will make it to day 21! I have been having less luck on the workout front but not so bad that I'm giving up just have to get back in the groove which Mike and I plan to do tomorrow! Wish us luck!

We have had a busy and fun few days! On Friday Monika and I went out for a girl's afternoon - we went to tea at the Grand Floridian which is something we've been eager to do for quite some time and it was great to finally go and it was so wonderful. The tea and food were amazing and it was nice to just have a girlie afternoon.

Saturday Mike and I kicked off his birthday celebrations by going to Disney on Ice. Now Mike is so not interested in long drawn out birthday celebrations but I tend to over celebrate things so he's being a good sport about it. We headed to Disney on Ice which was a big deal because I get lost in my own apartment and had never driven to the Amway Arena before but we made it with only very little trouble. The show was lots of fun brought out the big kid in me for sure.

On Sunday we had a little birthday dinner for Mike. The birthday boy chose meatloaf and potatoes for his special meal and I made him a very special cake. Those of you who know Mike know what a huge Transformers fan he is so making him this cake was important to me as I knew how much he'd appreciate it. Once I got the pan home I wondered if the task of decorating this cake was over ambitious but I must say I think I did a nice job! We had Monika and Dave over for dinner and our neighbors Tom and Anna joined us for dessert it was such a nice evening.

Tonight we had a little break in the celebration but I have a few plans for Mike's actual birthday on Wednesday so I'll be sure to post pictures of those happy happenings as well.

Stay Tuned!!


Angie said...

Wow, what an incredible cake! Nice job. And thanks for posting our ella blinkie on your blog! :-)


Geralyn Gray said...

You have some great distractions keeping you away from coffee. Keep it up.....from a fellow 21 challenger.

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