Monday, October 5, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin Shortage Charlie Brown!

Last week we had a brief encounter with Fall weather here in Florida! So to honor that weather I put up all of my Fall and Halloween decorations and worked on some new craft projects and decided it was the perfect time to bust out one of my favorite Rachael Ray recipes Penne with pumpkin. So I made my grocery list, picked Mike up from work and we headed to the grocery store. What we found was a complete shock to my system after hunting aisle after aisle we could not find canned pumpkin puree so I asked an employee who told me that I was about the hundredth person to ask and that they were all out of pumpkin and that I would find most stores in the area out as well due to a pumpkin shortage!! WHAT?!

So of course I didn't take this guy's word for it I went home and did a quick online search and saw that he was right! Stores all over are low or out of canned pumpkin due to a shortage! ACK! My mind started racing with all the lovely Fall recipes that I would have to live without, no pumpkin sauce, no pumpkin pie, no pumpkin cupcakes or pumpkin blondies. I was in complete shock and the days that followed I stopped by the store and kept checking hoping against hope that I would find canned pumpkin and Sunday I was rewarded! As I walked down the canned fruits and veggies aisle there on the top shelf shining like a beacon of all things Fall were cans of Libby's Pumpkin Puree!! I quickly threw six cans into our shopping cart and was told by the store manager that once they are out of that shipment they have no idea when they will get more! I'm now wondering if I should have just bought all of the cans on the shelf but I'll have to make the six cans I bought last! So the question will be is it pumpkin worthy?


Cameron said...

LOL, pumpkin worthy! :) I didn't know there was a shortage, I'd better go check the stores!!

Anonymous said...

HI CUZ! I didn't know there was a Pumpkin shortage. In the "OLD DAYS" we would cut up a Pumpkin and scoop all the inside out. (Throw away the seeds of course) and boil what we scooped out till is was soft enough to use in a pie, cake, etc., etc., I'm sure your Mom or Grandma did the same, when pumpkin didn't come in cans.
Loved your blog!

Tam said...

Wow I had no idea there was a shortage. The shelves were stocked here...Weird! Anyhoo enjoy all the pumpkin goodness you can. That penne with pumpkin sounds yummy!

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