Sunday, March 14, 2010

But First a Challenge Update!

Ok so I've been a very bad blogger lately! If it wasn't for the quick photos I've posted right from my phone this blog would be an absolute ghost town but I'm back now and hopefully going to get back into the swing of things. Now I have had a lot of things going on, a lot of friends and family in town and just overall slammed busy. So I do have lots of photos to share and stories to tell but I could never jam them all into one post so be patient and I'll get them all up for you in no time. For right now though it's Challenge time!!

So for the last challenge mom and I completed we used another layout from Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planners magazine. It is on page 76 and it uses many small square photos.

I was scared to death of this challenge it was so out of my comfort zone that I didn't know if I could complete it and I certain didn't think it would turn out so well. I will pat myself on the back though - I think this layout turned out so much better then expected! The easiest part for me was picking my theme, we are big time Disney people as you know and I've taken tons and tons of parade photos but never know what to do with them and when I saw this it struck like a thunderbolt! This was a perfect way to capture moments and details of my beloved Disney parades. Another super easy part for me was getting the photos sized to 1x1 squares and I'll be honest here it was easy because I picked my photos and had Mike do the resizing HAHA!

I placed them much like they were placed in the sample in the magazine, then I used a rub-on title on a black piece of card stock, added some Mickey Mouse embellishments from my stash, a few jewels to give a little bling and I used border stickers that I tore to add a little extra. When I was done I felt the page was still missing something so I inked the edges of the whole layout which I felt kind of brought everything together - you'll notice I use this little trick a lot!

My mom is so funny - when I sent her the photos of my layout she jokingly told me she hated me because my layout came so great and hers was awful. Of course when I saw the photos of her layout I knew mom was out of her mind because her layout is spectacular!! Mom used a square punch to get her photos sized and cut out, her theme was snippets of a recent trip to Williamsburg and she really included a little bit of everything, scenery, decorations, food and people shots and then in keeping with the snippets theme she added tickets as embellishments and also some very cool rub-ons and a very awesome beaded, blinged sticker. I absolutely love how mom's layout turned out! Mom also stretched her challenge to be a two page layout!

Ok so our next challenge was something me and my mom could do together while my parents were in town last week and we decided to take different photos that we could later incorporate into a page. So while out and about in Florida we took photos of different things like clothes in a fitting room and decorations in a fun Disney shop. I will post these and the layouts that they ended up on in an upcoming blog! Stay tuned...


tanya said...

I love these pages! But how do you get your pics resized to 1x1? Were your mom's also only 1x1? I loved how many fit on the pages!

Toni said...

Well Tanya, my pictures are a 2x2 punch. because i don't have Mike around to size them that small. So i went for a two page layout. Thanks for getting me pulished Danielle.

Lisa said...

WOW!!! you guys are killin me....they are BOTH AMAZING!!!!! i absolutely LOVE LOVE that you and my Tone do guys just keep getting better and better....AWESOME!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! love you both!!! xoxo

Betty Anne said...

Danielle I love both your Mom's and your layouts. What a great way to show off so many exciting sights. I never would have thought of doing that.
Great job ladies.

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