Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friends are the Family You Choose

I keep saying how lucky I am because it never stops being true. In March our friends (who are way more like family) Lisa, Mark and Alex came to visit and what a blast we had!!! We got to celebrate Alex's birthday and we spent lots of time in the parks. Between me and Mark we probably took 5000 pictures, it was like Alex was traveling with his own paparazzi!

It is absolute
ly awesome being in the parks with Alex! It's so fun seeing him with all the characters and he is quite the little thrill seeker loving Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. Hearing Alex giggle and laugh on these rides is the second best thing, it's second best to hearing the little guy call me Aunty Danielle!

While out and about in the parks we shared lots of laughs, private jokes, lots of french fries and popcorn and lots of good times but I have to confess, my favorite part of the Sylva's visit were the nights they spent here at our place. I loved hanging out here in our pjs, cooking, eating, playing Wii and just doing family things. The cooking of course was amazing I made a sauce and Lisa made meatballs and her famous ricotta cake which I actually have dreams about and Mike whipped up some rice balls. I loved watching Alex and Hooper they definitely became buddies and were just too darn cute. And I loved watching the Oscars with Mark and Lisa it was like our own Mystery Science Theater! It was a fabulous week with my extended family! Hope to see them again soon!!

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Lisa Sylva said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! WE MISS AUNTY DANIELLE SO MUCH!!!!! that blog was the BEST and everything right down to the french fries and popcorn (gag) was RIGHT ON!!!! it was such an AMAZING time....i can't even THANK you and Mikey enough for EVERYTHING!!! so many jokes...laughs and all around memorable moments that will forever ALWAYS be in my mind!!!!! THE BEST OF TIMES BABY!!! i LOVED hangin in our P.J.'s too..OH YEAH!!! i particularly loved "Hoopah" ..exspecially when Mark called him...EVERY-TIME he called him in that voice!! a-hahahaha!! you guys crack me up!!! Our lil' Prince talks about the trip everyday and asks for you everyday...no lie..


All Our Love..
Lisa and The Boys!!

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