Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Part of Their Story

Sometimes life gets in the way and you don't get to see friends and family as often as you would like. Sometimes you relocate and five years pass before you see certain people and sometimes that reunion is weird or uncomfortable, sometimes all the parties have changed and there is just too much to catch up on, but sometimes you fall into step as if you never said goodbye. Sure there is a certain amount of catching up to do, but it's so nice when that catching up just happens over the course of conversation, that it just works it's way in and you don't feel like you are getting to know these people all over again. I had such an experience when some of our friends from up North came to visit.

When we lived in New York we met some of our closest friends while commuting in and out of the city to work each day, Greg was one of these friends and we became super close. We spent a ton of time together, holidays, weekends, vacations, we knew Greg's family and he knew mine and after the events of September 11th I counted on Greg as my commuting partner and I felt safer knowing he was there with me. In many ways Greg and I were like siblings and he has been very special to us for a lot of years now.

One of our Christmases together

Now I don't like to take credit for Greg's happiness - BUT - one evening many years ago while Christmas shopping Greg and I stopped at the cosmetic counter where my mom worked and we ran into the lovely Juliana, who I had known for years and she is one of those people that you can't help but love and when Greg and Juliana met you could almost visibly see her struck by that thunderbolt of love! Less then a year later these two were married and now have two of the most beautiful children you have ever seen! I love the fact that in my small way I played a part in the Greg and Juliana love story and what I love even more that through all these years and the miles between us these two are still so important to me.

When Greg told me they would finally be visiting us here in Orlando I was over the moon excited, Mike and I planned to spend as much time with them as possible and I'm so glad we got to share in some very happy times and make some new memories. It was nice to spend time talking with Greg and Juliana both together and separately and I loved getting to know the girls who Mike and I both absolutely adore! I felt refreshed being with them and it was nice knowing that even though so much in my life has changed over the past five years that I hadn't changed so much that Greg and Juliana wouldn't want to hang and our friendship hasn't changed in any of the ways that really matter. And it is absolutely no surprise to me that their girls Kayla and Bella are ridiculously smart, well behaved and absolutely beautiful they are everything you would expect them to be with their fantastic parents. I truly hope that it's not another five years before we see them again. In the meantime I hope they all know how much I love them and how very important they are to us Taylors! And thank you for the fabulous new memories - gives me lots of new subjects to scrapbook!!

This Photo of Mike and Bella is one of my favorites!

And could Kayla be anymore beautiful? Happy Birthday kiddo!

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