Friday, July 9, 2010

More Then Meets the Eye

Before Mike and I got together I would have never figured I would not only go to a Transformers convention but go willingly and actually enjoy it!!! Those of you who know Mike, know that he collects Transformers, he's seen every episode of every one of the cartoons, he has the animated and live action movies, he knows everything there is to know about all the characters which is both cute and a bit scary! And those of you who have been to our apartment know that he has a huge wall lined with shelves filled with figures - he has over 300 figures and more then half of them are on display in our office - so when Mike told me that the BotCon was going to be in Orlando - and not only in Orlando but at the Dolphin Resort just ten little minutes from the house I knew we had to go!

Leading up to the convention I seem
ed way more excited about going then Mike was but once we got there Mike went from booth to booth telling me where each character came from, how much the figures were worth, which figures he had as a kid or still has (I find it kinda hard to tell one from the other) and which figures he was hoping to pick up. I loved listening to him talk about this and I was trying hard to do math in my head to see how much I could get for his collection haha!

It was a great day, taking silly pictures and just spending time with Mike doing something he loves - goodness knows I drag him to enough Danielle things.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... that is a serious amount of toys... my son would steal them if he came to visit.. LOL.. cool photos.. wish they had a convention like that here..

Hugs, Michelle v Wyk

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