Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Lovin' Part 1

Sometimes I take things for granted, sometimes I don't take advantage of all life and the world around me has to offer and oftentimes I let laziness and fear stand in my way of doing things that I know I would enjoy. I am working very hard to change these patterns and I'm doing and experiencing more so I thought a fun way to showcase some of these experiences would be to show what I'm loving about Summer right now! I will probably do this a few more times before Summer is over and then start again with a Falling for Fall series. I hope you enjoy the things I'm loving about Summer right now!!

1. Iced Coffee - especially made at home with Starbuck's iced V
ia made in my reusable Starbucks cup!

2. The beach!! Oh my gosh I love that we are going to the beach this Summer and I can't believe that we let years go by where we didn't go at all. This year we managed to get there once on our own and once with Monika and Dave both times were so much fun and so special and we have more happy plans to go to the beach in the future!!

3. Buying fabulous fresh vegetables at the Farmer's Market and then using them in fabulous recipes like Rachael Ray's Summer Vegetable Pasta!! I bought the zucchini at the Celebration Farmer's Market one Sunday morning with my friend Claire and I used fresh corn and we were so happy with how this recipe turned out. It's light and flavorful! A great Summer recipe to have in your back pocket.

4. Making new friends! Believe it or not I can be shy about talking to new people and I've been doing a lot to break out of my shell a bit and we've gotten to know many of our neighbors and they have turned into friends and it has been fabulous!!!

5. Yoga! I've been trying to do a little yoga every day this Summer - I spent a lot of time doing yoga before Mike and I got married and like so many things I let it fall to the wayside, I've happily taken it back up and it feels great!! I also get a kick out of how the fur babies play with the yoga mat!

Stay tuned for more Summer Lovin'!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Dani.. looks like you had so much fun.. it is freezing here.. like minus 2 degreees... sure wish I was on the beach ! Hugs, Mich

Missy said...

Hi! Your blog is so lovely. I am a coffee addict too! Your photos are pretty!
I'm having a little giveaway, if you'd like to enter.
Stop by and take a peek!
Love Missy

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