Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rut or Reboot?

You might remember that in May I joined Lain Ehman's Layout a Day workshop and I scrapbooked like I never scrapbooked before.

I scrapbooked old photos

This photo was taken in the mid-80s

and new photos.

These photos were taken only 4 days before the layout was created! I almost never get photos turned into layouts this quick!

I told stories I've been waiting to tell and showcased loved ones.

Got to show off pictures from my cousin Denise's visit!!
And I got to tell this story which has been a part of me for a long time

I tried my hand at digital scrapbooking

and did a page with no photos.

Through it all I learned quite a bit about myself and my scrapbooking style. Then May 31st rolled around and Layout a Day ended and since then I have done absolutely no scrapbooking! Did I run out of stories? Ideas? Energy? I sure didn't run out of supplies!!

I started to seriously think I was just deeply stuck in a rut, but then I noticed that Mike and I were getting out and doing things. I was spending more time gathering inspiration from blogs and magazines and doing all that made me realize it isn't a rut I'm stuck in just a reboot. I'm getting out, enjoying time with friends, taking tons of photos as usual and gathering tons of inspiration. I've been focusing on other life things too like doing yoga ever day which has been a reboot for my body and soul. I've been working big time on this little blog and I have huge things in store including guest bloggers and giveaways!

And just like that I'm out of my rut fully rebooted and ready to create and that's just what I did tonight!

These photos were taken just over the weekend - for this layout I used a sketch on Let's Scrap. It felt good to pull out my papers, glue and distress stickles again!!


Anonymous said...

Love the story that you where in reboot mode.. and the beach layout looks great. Can't wait for the guest blogger....Toni

Gabbzilla said...

I love reading your blog and couldn't be happier that you hit that imaginary reset button! You've been out & about, enjoying the one life you've got and I want to jump for joy for you! HOORAY!

Missy said...

Hi Dani, just wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway at! If you email me danielle(@)curiouskeydotcom with your shipping details and I'll get your prizes sent to you asap!

Love Missy

Cheryl B. said...

Hi, I found you thru 30 minute Martha and when I read about scrapbooking (my obsession) I jumped over to your blog. Love your title, BTW and wish I had seen the layout a day challenge. I have a scrapbook room and am always organizing it. Too many supplies, not enough time. Good luck with your blog and organizing.

Louella said...

Wow, I guess you really did Re-Boot cause I love your waves, they are gorgeous!!!!! Louella

Katie scott said...

Great minds think alike :)

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