Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Week!

What a fabulous week full of good times, good friends and lots of birthday celebrations!! To say that I was spoiled this year for my 34th birthday would be a severe understatement.

It started Saturday with breakfast at Whispe
ring Canyon Cafe with the Rockin' Rockwells. Cynthia's birthday is right after mine so we thought a little joint celebration was in order!!

What I didn't know while we were breakfasting that the Rockwells along with my husband and many of my friends were all in cahoots to throw me a
fabulous birthday party on Sunday!! How exciting to have a bunch of my close friends here to hang out, eat and just have a good time together. I was really blown away by everyone who came and those who helped Mike pull the surprise together!

The party was the tip of the iceberg as far as Mik
e was concerned cause he always bought me a fabulous new camera - so you'll be seeing lots and lots of pictures here of some of the fun I've been having with my new baby! Mike also got us tickets to see Jay & Silent Bob at Hard Rock Live!! I have to wait until March for the show but I'm totally excited about it!

Thursday was a little birthday celebration at work! Cake and I
ce Cream YAY!! Work has been amazing, busy, non-stop sometimes, fun, creative and full of really great people I could gush all day but suffice it to say I'm very happy there!

Thursday night I took a little break from celebrating my birthday we went to dinner to celebrate Dave's birthday! We had a fabulous dinner at Columbia with Monika and Dave and it gave me a chance to walk around Celebration taking pictures!

Friday was my annual birthday outing with Ruthy! We started the day with a character breakfast at Animal Kingdom, we had VIP seats for the Festival o
f the Lion King, we rode rides, walked around, won prizes and then headed to Epcot for more fun and then came home and had pizza and played Wii!

See just like I said I was totally spoiled this birthday but after a week I think it's time to end the celebrations and get back on the diet bandwagon and work out regularly and focus!! So until next year's birthday adventure...


Gayle @ Life on the Lane said...

WOW, sounds like you had a great week! Happy Birthday!

Toni said...

Well Daniellee, you sure did have a fab time. You had a week of party. And i was to sick to even have one day to celebrate my birthday.But yes get back on track!!!!!!

Donnetta said...

Girl, I am ALL about celebrating the birthday WEEK! It looks like you had a fabulous one!

Happy Birthday!

Missy said...

wow...Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was fabulous...going to the animal kingadom would be an amazing birthday treat! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
You do celebrate hard:)

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