Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And The Winner Is...

As promised I am announcing the winner to my first little blog contest. There will be more of these contests in the future so keep checking back and please let me know if there is anything you would like to see on this blog!

And now for the winner of my first blog contest:

Tam said...
Wow do those food pics look yummy! You're so cute how you get all excited about holidays. I'm the same way. Halloween was a ton of fun w/ the kiddies and the parade at school but Thanksgiving will be really special. Without my step dad and Grandpa, my mom, Grandma and I were kind of worried what the day would be like but my mom decided even though she's going thru so much that she wants to play hostess and have over my dad's side of the family. A little amusingly dysfunctional maybe but I think it'll be so nice and we're all super excited

Thank you so much Tam for participating, keep and eye on your mail I'll be sending our your prize very soon!!

I try to avoid discussing politics on my blog because there are just so many differing opinions out there and it has the potential for bringing out the worst in people but given the excitement of this year's election and the history making outcome I wouldn't feel comfortable not mentioning it and extending my congratulations to our next president Barack Obama and his family. I know the last 24 hours have been very emotional for many people and I am hopeful that this change will improve the climate in America.

Tomorrow my sister and Andrew arrive so I'll be back in a few days with many many pictures! Stay tuned!

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