Saturday, November 22, 2008

They All Can't Be Winners

I guess we've been spoiled because up until this week every new recipe we've tried has been delicious, forward to this week and we reached our first clinker. I had been really looking forward to trying this recipe given my addiction to pumpkin this fall and finally on Tuesday I made Pumpkin-Potato Pie and boy were we disappointed. I followed the recipe to the letter and we just found it to be very bland. Before we toss this bad boy though we are going to try to give it a little recipe rehab, maybe add some seasonings, meat and cheese. I'll let you know how that turns out!

I did more scrapbooking this week and I've churned out some pages I'm really proud of! I have to get going on my Thanksgiving projects though I'm starting to really run out of time!! I did create the prizes for my contest winner and got those sent out so Tam keep an eye out on your mail! I took photos but will not post them until I know they have been received I don't want to spoil the surprise!

We are in full Thanksgiving mode around here. Last night we took a run to Whole Foods which I absolutely love and then we stopped and picked up our Ham and Turkey. That's right we serve both Ham and Turkey! There will be more food then we could ever possibly need but we are going to enjoy every minute of the cooking and eating process I'm sure. What I do need are some ideas for Thanksgiving day activities to keep our guests entertained between dinner and dessert. We do have several games we can play but I am certainly open to ideas, so if you have anything that you and your family do on Thanksgiving Day please pass them along!!

Well tonight we are having friends over for dinner so I have to get off this couch and get moving and ready for tonight. I'll be trying another new recipe so be ready.

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Steve Rodli said...

DANI, DANI, Long time no keep - in- touch...shame on me! You might try white maranaria sauce and go with paramesan cheese and try red skin potatoes, keeping the skins on? Maybe a small about of sweet Italian sauage(for added flavor only, 1 or 2 oz). Okay, if you don't remember's Joyce -one of your Scrap Pals! Have been thinking of you guys lately and I find you in the comment section of Rachels bling on my sewing machine blog. We're spending our Thanksgiving in the Portland area and staying over night (Steve has to buy something), and on the way back stop to visit some people we know that moved to that area a few months ago. Happy happies to you.

Sandy said...

Hey there. One of our favorite games to play with a group of people is Catch Phrase. It's a hand held version of Password, do you have that one? Other than that, if you had a Wii, that would be a good activity too!! :)

Tanya said...

Love the kitchen sink pages! I don't have any ideas for Thanksgiving, we just usually eat and watch football!

Joy said...

Love the pages. I wish I was with you guys to partake in the kitchen sink! How could anything with a whole can of whipped cream be bad.

After Thanksgiving dinner we are going to have a Wii Rock Band competition and a bowling contest. We got a new game, Pictureka (sp?) and its a lot of fun. We might have to take that out too.

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