Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hangin' Tough

Today's the day, after months and months of waiting for this day to roll around it's finally here - New Kids on the Block day!! Talked to Leslie this morning and the plan is set and now I just have to try and contain my excitement until around 5:15 when the gals come and pick me up and we head on our way. I am planning on digging up some of my old New Kids stuff like pins and such to bring with me for old time's sake. I will post a full concert recap tomorrow!!

So this week I didn't make a new recipe but I made two recipes that bring me right back to childhood. They are very different but for me the ultimate comfort food. One dish I made last Sunday is a chicken dish that our family refers to as "Chicken Daddy's Favorite Way" any guess how it got that name? In my excitement of both eating this meal and watching the Giants win I forgot to snap a picture, yes it happens from time to time believe it or not. But it's a perfect Sunday dinner it's easy and quick but the combo of chicken, breadcrumbs, onions and cheese just says Fall and Winter to me and it warms my heart and reminds me of Sunday meals with my family. Then on Halloween I made hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped with crescent rolls, super easy, nothing fancy about it but it's fun and delicious and reminds me of being a kid and what better day to be reminded about the joys of childhood then Halloween right?

I did do some baking for Halloween I made cupcakes for Mikey to take to work and a cake for us to enjoy at home. Halloween I had big plans and we got a ton of candy for our trick or treaters but we didn't get any trick or treaters. I have no idea why we have gotten trick or treaters every year since we moved into this apartment and now we have pounds of candy left over. Luckily for me Nicole and Andrew will be here on Thursday and I'm counting on their help to get rid of some of this candy. Mike and I also planned to watch Ghost Hunters Live - it was on from 7PM until 2AM we watched about five hours of it but we weren't impressed so we went to bed and will just watch the big reveal show on Wednesday.

This week aside from the uber excitement of tonight's concert I will be getting the house ready for my Nicole & Andrew's visit. I already took down all the Halloween decorations and put up all my Thanksgiving decorations so the place looks super festive. I have some cleaning to do as well in preparation and I'll do some baking because even though Nicole says it's not necessary I have to take care of my Andrew!! Before my guests arrive I will also have to try to get scrapping and to try some new recipes this week. I am going to start yet another Ali Edwards project which you can read about in her blog but it's a Days of December book. I figured the Week in the Life project turned out to be a success maybe I will try this one and I love the idea of having an album all done by the time January 1st rolls around. I bought the book I want to use yesterday and now I just have to put the pages together so it's as simple as adding pictures and journaling at the end of each day. I will be sure to keep you posted!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and I hope you are all as excited about Thanksgiving as I am! Any big plans? Any special recipes? Leave me a comment including special Thanksgiving thoughts and ideas and it just might mean a treat for you!

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kc2pyn said...

i had a great halloween! and those pigs in blankets look really good! lol

Tam said...

Wow do those food pics look yummy! You're so cute how you get all excited about holidays. I'm the same way. Halloween was a ton of fun w/ the kiddies and the parade at school but Thanksgiving will be really special. Without my stepdad and Grandpa, my mom, Grandma and I were kind of worried what the day would be like but my mom decided even though she's going thru so much that she wants to play hostess and have over my dad's side of the family. A little amusingly dysfunctional maybe but I think it'll be so nice amd we're all super excited :)

Mandi said...

Wow NKOTB concert! Talk about taking a stroll right down memory lane. My Mom used to make the hot dogs stuffed with cheese in crescent rolls too! Too funny! And yesterday was a good day for football too since the Bears won! ;) I hope you have an awesome time when Nicole and Andrew come for a visit this week. :)

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