Monday, November 3, 2008

New Kids on the Block and a New Recipe!

Last night was the night, the night that hurtled me back in time, sort of. Last night me and my friends Leslie and Sophie went to see New Kids on the Block. I had only seen NKOTB in concert once before and that was a very long time ago and I was with my parents so though I found I was dancing and singing along to the same songs I listened to as a pre-teen this concert experience was definitely different. Partially because we had rockin' good seats and partially because of the beer but it was more then that, I was watching the New Kids on the Block but they weren't the same guys from 15 years ago and I'm sure not the same girl but it was one great experience. It started from the moment I got in the car and we started cranking the NKOTB cds and to be honest I don't think the experience is truly over, I've been spending the day looking over all the pictures and telling anyone who will listen about the show and tomorrow I plan on scrapbooking the whole thing. I think that is one major difference between this concert and other concerts I've been to usually after they are over you have that let down feeling that it's over and this one I'm still just so excited at the thought of having been at this show at all. And though taking a walk down memory lane is always fun I don't think you can never truly go back in time.

I think one of the side effects of this New Kids concert high I've got going on I was super productive today, I cleaned both bathrooms and vacuumed, got the guest bedroom all ready for Nicole and Andrew's arrival. Then tonight I made another new recipe. It was another Rachael Ray recipe: Chicken Salsa Verde Bake it was delicious!! It was easy and it made a ton of food so we'll be eating it for a couple of days. I'm so excited to be getting all of these recipes under my belt!

Just a reminder I'm still hosting a little contest on the previous blog post I'll be picking a winner on Wednesday so don't forget to leave a comment!! More soon!!

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