Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

This picture doesn't even do the tree and resort justice!

So sorry for the delay in posting a new blog. Mike and I have been sick with the flu for 2 weeks now but we are finally finally finally starting to feel like normal people again. Due to being sick I've felt so behind in my Holiday celebrations, I felt behind in shopping, crafting, cooking and just enjoying all the things that go on here in Orlando at this time of year. This weekend we are managing to get some fun in. Friday night we went for dinner with Monika and Dave. We went to Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge which is always a beautiful resort but at Christmas time it is breathtaking. We took pictures, exchanged gifts and had a very yummy dinner. Yesterday Mike and I went to Downtown Disney and got the rest of our Christmas shopping done and then saw a movie. We finally saw Twilight. Now neither of us have read the books but we love a good vampire flick and we really enjoyed this one. It was a great day out.

Today it looks like we might have another day out, I just got a call from our friend Kerry who will be arriving in town this afternoon so I see a dinner outing in our future. I can't believe in a week we'll be in Ohio and I really can't wait. This time of year really reminds me how important traditions are and how important it is to reconnect. Due to being sick for so long I never started my December Daily album I wanted to work on along with Ali Edwards but I think instead I will put together a Christmas book with traditions, favorites and just the things that are important year after year. As if Christmas wasn't reminder enough of how precious time is last week my dear friend Matt's mom passed away. It saddens me to be so far away and not be able to be with Matt during this difficult time but I'm also grateful that I knew his mom, she was the sweetest woman, so understanding and so giving. I'm also grateful that she brought Matt into this world and raised him to be who he is because he's an outstanding person and has seen me through some of my darkest hours. This Christmas we have one more angel looking down on us and I'm honored to have had the Knell family as a part of my life all these years.

I have been trying to get a little crafting done. I made several ornaments - I will post pictures soon I'm waiting for Trisha to get her prize from the last contest first! I also put together a small canvas. I really enjoyed doing this project and it will always be memorable because while I was painting Banky jumped up on the table and right onto my paint tray! He managed to get hot pink paint on not one but all four of his paws! After he dotted my scrap room with hot pink paw prints I managed to get us locked in the bathroom so I could get the paint off. Thankfully it was my calm and sweet Banky that did this because though he wasn't happy about getting his paws cleaned he wasn't cranky about it, had it been Holden I would have been a bloody mess!

One huge bright spot on this week - we got our Christmas presents to each other. Mike and I decided to get the new T-Mobile G1 phones and that they would act as our Christmas presents to each other. I'm happy to report that I've been able to manage this phone easily I was worried it would be a little technologically advanced for me but I'm doing just fine. I look forward to being connected wherever I go!

On tap this week is preparing for our trip, seeing friends and celebrating Christmas with Mike's family. Should be busy and I hope to have more pictures for all of you before we head to Ohio! Enjoy the season everyone!

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