Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye to 2008

Before I get into my 2008 wrap up blog I wanted to first say that until last night I had never seen Office Space before. I know shame on me which is totally why Andrew so wisely gave this movie to us for Christmas. He gave us four movies he feels were lacking from our movie watching rotation and we watched two out of the four and he was right on both of those!! :)

2008 is coming to a close and though my dad always says not to wish time away I've got to say I'm not really sad to see this year end. It had a lot of ups and downs for sure and for me just an overall feeling of sadness, anger and an inexplicable case of the blahs. Not to sound like a broken record but most of all of those feelings were due to rocky road of trying to have a baby and being continuously disappointed. I took the year off from working so that adds to a certain feeling of uselessness in addition to the whole "not being able to give my husband a baby" that I dump on myself on a daily basis. I also underwent surgery for the whole baby thing and our doctor continued to blow smoke up our asses by telling us that he saw no reason after the surgery why I should get pregnant. Fast forward six months and still not pregnant. So naturally me being anti-Doctors, needles and now surgery I feel that much more angry having gone through all of this for what appears to be nothing. Hopefully in the new year I can put these feelings of anger in the past and be a little more calmer and patient and just move forward with our life and if that means without a child well then so be it.

In 2008 I've made new friends, reconnected with old friends, been surprised by people in both a good and bad way and have totally been disappointed and heart broken by people. I have thankful for all of these experiences because it helps to move forward knowing who you can count on and who will ditch you at the first sign of a disagreement and that happens and like the baby thing there is really nothing you can do about it just move forward and be happy with all the good in your life and say to hell with the bad.

In 2008 I read 14 books which is 2 more then I read last year but probably not as many as I read back in the days of commuting back and forth to the city but especially now with now job I find myself goofing around online and reading magazines more then I find myself sitting down and reading a book though today was a major exception as I sat and read the last 100 pages of Kevin Smith's My Boring-Ass Life which I absolutely loved and consider one of my favorite books of this year. Other favorites include: Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner, Needful Things by Stephen King, The Godfather by Mario Puzo, and Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. These are just the top of my list though I didn't hate any book this year I just liked these better then others.

In 2008 we saw a bunch of movies including the much hyped Cloverfield which made me so nauseous I couldn't really enjoy it. We saw Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day which I absolutely loved Frances McDormand and Amy Adams were so terrific! 21 which was just a fun movie but since I have spent a lot of time in Vegas I love any good Vegas movie. Forgetting Sarah Marshall which I thought was hysterical and we bought the day it came out on DVD! Iron Man and The Dark Knight which were different in that one was way the hell lighter then the other but I loved them both and Heath Ledger in my humble and non-professional opinion deserves the Golden Globe he has already been nominated for and the Oscare which I sure hope he's nominated for and not because he's unfortunately passed away but because he deserves it. And I'm thrilled that Robert Downey Jr. has hit it big because I have loved him for a long long time! The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was disappointing, Sex and the City which I really enjoyed more then I thought I would it's just a beautiful friend movie which I can't help but love. The Incredible Hulk which I loved and was happy I could replace my memory of that other Hulk movie with this one!!! Brilliant cast and I loved the throw backs to the show which I absolutely loved as a kid. Wall-E was brilliant, Wanted was pretty but the plot was lacking, Hancock loads of fun, Hellboy II way fun and just a pretty film. Zach and Miri Make a Porno what can I say about this film I'm a Kevin Smith Fan I've loved every movie he's made INCLUDING Jersey Girl and this ranked up there among the faves. What other movie can make you laugh hysterically, turning a movie about people making a porno into a beautiful and touching love story? More Kevin Smith brilliance in my opinion! Ok so those are the highlights some movies we missed, some movies I probably forgot and some movies I left out on purpose what can you do they all can't be faves right?

This year I got fat! Or should I say fatter, I'm at the highest weight I've ever been and well what can you do. When you are a sad, crazy Italian you turn to food for comfort and that's what I did so we'll see how I do in 2009 but hopefully I'll shed some of the poundage. Pounds aside I want to get healthy exercising and eating less crap though I say that as Mike is in the kitchen plating up a load of fried snacks we picked up in the freezer section of the grocery store and I'm drinking a glass of wine and there are chips and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for later. Hell I'm already fat I might as well give 2008 a proper send off right?

In 2008 my mom had hernia surgery which she made it through with absolute flying colors and my grandmother had emergency surgery which I don't even like to think about because it reminds me how dangerously close to losing her we came and that's not something I like to think about. But happy to report that she is ending this year much healthier then she started it and I'm way thankful that she made it and I'm reminded that she's a tough and damn if I shouldn't be more like her.

In 2008 as with every year since we got together I'm reminded that my husband is the most awesome and patient man on the planet. How he's put up with me for yet another year is way beyond me but boy howdy am I glad he has been able to put up with me!

Well kids that's my 2008 wrap up! Hope the year has been good to all of you and now it's time for junk food, wine and the commentary of Clerks II since I'm way jonesing for all things Kevin Smith at the moment!!!



sandy said...

Happy 2009. I don't know Andrew, but good for him for adding to your movie collection!! You'll have to let me know what the others were!! Here's to a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!!

Sacha said...

Hope you have a wonderful & happy New Year... may it be better than 2009 & bring you nothing but HAPPINESS!! ... and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see each other?? its just been WAY too long!!!!

call me sometime...I would love to talk to you!!!!!!

sacha said...

I meant better than 2008... LOL!!!!

tam said...

Awww that was really beautiful and insightful - and fun too with your little movie and book reviews! That's great that you finally saw Office Space - that's a classic that even I have seen LOL

I know you have been through a lot of ups and downs in 2008... so I wish you a happy, healthy, joyous and all-around-fabulous 2009!

And btw you are NOT fat, silly girl. You are beautiful. Anyone can lose a few pounds but not everyone is beautiful, inside and out like you - remember that!

Lisa said...

Danielle!! what can i say...i am just a better person having you and your family as such amazing friends...that blog really touched my made me happy sad name it...and like you..i can relate to telling 2008 to piss off FOREVER!! the worst year of my life...and then to put everything into have your grandmother..Miss Weezie..whom is one of the strongest people i know...and i'm italien too!! this year just has to be better!! and it will...let's just stay positive as best we can and watch lots of GH!!! and BTW...what were the other 3 movies Andrew never did give us a review on Office favorite part "Hey out for your cornhole man" BEST LINE!! the neighbor rocks! and now you know what "FLAIR" is...and there's never enough FLAIR!!!! one of my fav's!!! well sweet's hoping maybe the Sylva's will see YOU in Florida this year than the Hell Mouth of USA!!! (i'll take both though) LOVE and BEST WISHES ALWAYS to My Daniell-eeeee!!!

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