Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Boy oh boy do I have a lot to do today but since I couldn't guarantee that I would be able to post a blog before Christmas I wanted to make sure I posted one before we headed to Ohio! We have been busy little bees lately but it's great to finally be over that ridiculous flu and getting into the Christmas spirit! This week I baked cookies, not as many as I would if we weren't going away for Christmas but I busted out a new recipe and for the first time ever I made Gingerbread Men! Mike is particular about his gingerbread and he made no bones about telling me that he likes soft and chewy gingerbread so I did a google search and I found these and they turned out perfectly! I didn't decorate them but judging from the fact that Mike has eaten all but 3 of them which he assured me he'll be eating this evening I say they were a success!! I also made peppermint bark which is a staple around here at Christmas time and Anise Pillows which are a huge family tradition and I'm sure there will be more in Ohio but it wasn't a chance I wanted to take.

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with Mike's family so I made stuffed mushrooms and a fudge wreath to bring over. We had a nice time. Did a lot of laughing as with most families when this clan gets together they tell old stories and relive embarrassing but hysterically funny moments! Now today I got up bright and early to finish a couple of Christmas presents and now I have to get off this couch and get going. We have to show Mike's Aunt and Uncle the ropes of checking on the cats and then we have to drop Hooper off at Chez Leslie's where he will get lots of love and attention and walks! Then we have to pack. Trying to figure out what we are going to bring with us. I left my coat at my mom's when I was there in January so I am a little concerned that I will freeze to death as soon as we step out of the airport! So in my search that I will find something to wear I found my old NY Knicks jacket that my grandmother gave me back in high school. I wore the hell out of this jacket and was surprised to find that it still fit fairly comfortably so I might just bust that out and continue the trend that has been 2008 - reliving my youth! We'll see what I decide and I'm sure you'll all see because I'm certain I'll be posting photos!

I am excited to get to Ohio and start celebrating with my family. My sister has all the cooking planned out and me and Mike are planning all of our eating hehe! It's going to be a great time. And I love knowing that we are going to have a holiday full of nutty Leonetti Family tradition that would seem silly to others but mean the world to us.

I will admit to feeling a little sad, I so thought I would be pregnant by now and it's just another Christmas passing where we aren't parents or preparing to be parents. I haven't been mentioning the baby process much lately because there hasn't been much to say. We aren't really dealing with it now, I've all but given up and we are starting to research adoption but only casually to start and I'm sure as 2009 gets underway we'll move the adoption research into high gear but we'll see. Maybe we were just meant to be fun cousins or the fun adults that friend's like to have as babysitters - who knows. I will try not to let the sad feelings bog me down this holiday season.

Not to end this blog on a downer! I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. Remember the important things, love, family, friends and never underestimate the power of traditions! Enjoy, be safe and be in touch!!

More soon!!

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