Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Lovin' Part 2

This Summer I've been in love with reliving my childhood at the Walt Disney World Parks!

First the Magic Kingdom brought back my beloved Main Street Electrical Parade. Sure, I love the Spectromagic parade, but what a thrill it was sitting on the curb and hearing the music of this parade I grew up with. As soon as the lights went out signifying the start of the parade I got chills and of course my sappy self teared up a bit. I loved sharing this with Mike. My one wish was that we could see this parade in cooler weather and my wish was granted, Disney spread a little Pixie Dust and announced that they are extending the run of the Main Street Electrical Parade!! So don't be surprised if you see many more photos of this parade in the future!!

As if bringing back the parade wasn't enough this Summer Epcot brought back Captain EO with Michael Jackson! Mike and I went one night to see it and I was SHOCKED to find out that Mike had never seen it!! This was another attraction that I grew up with here in Orlando and I loved it just as much now as I did when I was a kid. Naturally I cried both because Michael Jackson was a genius and is gone but also because there is something very emotional about going back in time like this, remembering sitting in that theater with my parents and sister and an assortment of friends and relatives over the years, remembering times gone by. But I'm happy to say with it's return I'll be making new memories! Not only did I get to see it with Mike but also recently saw Captain EO with some of my high school friends Brenda and Maggie.

Since I've focused this post on Disne
y Summer Magic I have to add another fun thing Mike and I always do during the Summer - The Summer Concert Series at Epcot! Some years we hit more concerts then others but this was the second year we went to see the Bon Jovi cover band. No they are no replacement for Bon Jovi but they are fun to watch and it always makes for a nice little date night with the hubby!

Look how wonderfully sweaty we are!

One last little sharing before I close - I put together this quick fun layout with some of the photos from the night we went to see the parade! Can't wait to hear what you think!!

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Anonymous said...

looks very retro!!! very nice.

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