Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heading Down to Healthy Town

A month ago I had a bit of a health scare, thankfully it wasn't serious but I was scared enough to go to the doctor which is a huge deal for me since I usually do everything I can to avoid doctors.

What the doctor had to say was pretty interesting - turns out that the pills I thought I was taking purely for fertility purposes I really needed to be taking for other reasons. I have come to find out that I am insulin resistant so when I stopped taking the pills it caused me all sorts of problems, I'll spare you the details. The doctor went on to explain that though what I have is not diabetes if I am not careful it can turn into diabetes - ACK!

I left the doctor shaken up. The doctor said it was imperative that I lose weight and follow a special diet. This diet is very limiting, I can't eat anything white so that means for the time being this Italian girl can't eat any white bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and I have to avoid sweets! *sigh* I can have whole grain or whole wheat bread and pasta for breakfast or lunch but never for dinner...

In addition to what I call the Dr. Diet I decided I should also join Weight Watchers to limit my calories. So When I got home from the doctor I signed up for Weight Watchers online and weighed in - the doctor had already weighed me so I was mostly over the shock of just how much I weighed. Of course I noticed the numbers on the scale going up and up and up. Of course I noticed that I was buying larger and larger sizes in clothing but none of that had the same impact as the doctor telling me I was on the brink of diabetes! It was eye opening to say the least!

Though at times it has been rough and going out to eat has lost a bit of its fun for me and my trip to Ohio was like a long list of what I can't eat, like mom's cheesecake (talk about killer) I am proud to report that in the four weeks since the visit to the doctor I have lost 13.6 pounds! I've been eating exactly the way I'm supposed to, following both the Dr. Diet and Weight Watchers and exercising just as much as I can. I still obviously have a very long way to go but I feel good and I'm taking important steps to a happier healthier me!


Sandy said...

good for you!!! i'm sorry you had the scare, but good for you for taking care of yourself. you're going to be my inspiration to GET BACK ON THE WAGON!!!!!! first step....bring my elliptical back in the house! :)

congrats! great job!!!

Joy Willinger said...

You are doing a great job. I know how hard it is.
Have you tried the Dreamfields pasta? It is awesome. I am diabetic and it is the answers to my prayers! Go to their website for a coupon and try it if you haven't already

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