Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before My Eyes

Nine years ago today the world changed. The city I then called home changed and I like so many people changed.

I remember the events of 9/11/01 as if they were yesterday, I remember the message my father left for me as he was stuck in Newark airport, I remember the chill I felt as my sister told me she saw the towers fall, I remember the walk from mid-town to downtown, the group we normally commuted with stuck together though we were far from the laughing group we usually were. I remember how my mother hugged us when we finally made it home from Manhattan and I remember the nightmares that haunted me for months afterward. I remember the fear I had in commuting and how for a long time I refused to step on a subway alone and thank goodness for an understanding boss and my dear friend Greg who made sure I didn't have to be alone.

I know the world will never be the same but I hope we learn, grow and stick together. I hope to feel safe again when traveling, I hope to be able to be in a crowded place without suspiciously watching people but I want to never take things for granted and I never want to forget how quickly everything can change.

I hope you will always remember all we lost today and never take for granted all you have.


Tam said...

Beautifully said, my amiga! I don't know if you remember but we were actually emailing back and forth @ work when the news began announcing what happened. That day will always remain etched in my memory and my heart...Love ya, chica.

Lisa said...

Hey gives me chills reading this...knowing that you guys were there...i had to post this on my page for others to read....this blog was a true confession as well as a tribute to the this horrific have such a wonderful knack at writing...i'm so lucky i have you and nothin happenened to you or my Leonetti's that day!!!! xoxo

Toni said...

Well now i'm crying again, thanks for that Danielle. I just finished drying my eyes from all the 9/11 shows i watched in the last 24hrs. But yes well written as always..

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