Thursday, September 30, 2010

And So It Begins!

You may remember back in May I took part in Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day workshop. It was my first time taking on such a huge scrapbooking challenge and it changed me not only the way I scrapbook but the way I look at the things, and I met some super fabulous people so it was without hesitation that I decided to jump in for the October round of Layout A Day!

This time around we'll be focusing on story so I've pulled some pictures of stories I've been meaning to tell and I loaded up on supplies and tomorrow we start! I'm eager, excited, and a little nervous too. I have to make sure to make the time to scrap even when we have guests in town, even when household chores call my name and especially when I feel like I'm out of ideas or not in the mood but I am also going into this knowing that I've done this once before so I can do it again! And how amazing will it be to have 31 layouts complete before heading into the holiday season!! I can totally do this!!


Toni said...

good luck Daniellee, you can do it. Hope i get to do it with you next time....

Gloria said...

Hi Danielle, this is my first time on your blog (love your header) and the first time I´m doing LOAD as well, it´s definetly challenging but very fun!Until now I havnt missed a day or challenge, only 27 more days to;)
I have been blogging about LOAD and my layouts,I would love if you stopped by my blog...
See you on LOAD;)

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