Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Boy do I love this time of year! I love getting the house decorated, and baking up seasonal treats. This fall season I'm addicted to pumpkin. Last week I made the pumpkin penne and this week I made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I made these for our friends Mike and Wil's Halloween party which was last night and after weeks of planning our costumes at 10AM yesterday morning Mike and I were running around Target making a whole new plan. I went as a devilish type thing and Mike dressed as a tourist. Kinda scary that everything he needed for the costume we had hanging around this house!! The party was fun, I got lots of spooky decorating ideas too!!

Today I woke up and Mike couldn't wait to show me that 5 morning glories bloomed! And the weather outside was absolutely gorgeous! So we had the porch door open and I was enjoying the beautiful breeze and as I started typing this blog I was distracted by a crash and three maniac cats running from the porch through the living room and I found that they knocked over my beloved Morning Glory Plant :( I don't know i the plant will survive I tried to pick it up best I can but it will have to wait till Mike gets home to see if our plant will survive I'm so upset about it and screamed at the cats like a lunatic so they all know that I'm mad at them and Hooper is enjoying the fact that he's not in trouble!!

Today Mike is at lunch with his family meeting his half uncle for the very first time. I'm not feeling so hot today so I opted to stay home. I'm catching up on magazine reading, and food networking watching so it's nice and relaxing. I do have to consider eating something soon I haven't eaten yet and I know when Mike gets home we have to go grocery shopping and I do not want to go hungry. I will have to eat and find what I want to make for dinner. Tonight might be another new recipe!!! I should probably make it sort of healthy I've been eating crazy lately I have one good day and about 4 bad ones and then the cycle starts again.

This week I have got to get into the scraproom I did manage to finish one layout last week but I want to get a lot done this week. Wish me luck! More Soon...

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Gabbzilla said...

Love the costumes!!!!!!!!!!!! I, too, love this time of year! There's just something about the decorations, change of seasons and fun holidays!

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