Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I have a lot to catch up on in today's blog but first and foremost I want to wish all the dad's out there a very Happy Father's Day especially my own dad! It is tough for me not to be with my dad to celebrate with him today but I know he'll have a good day and I sent presents home for him with my grandmother! My dad is absolutely one of a kind, I talk to him every day which is comforting to know that no matter how old I am or where I live my dad still wants to check in on me. I love how varied our conversations are some days we will talk about books, some days soap operas and some days intense topics like politics or the economy. I find I still have so much to learn from my dad who is always sharing "Life Lessons" and he ay not think so but I always take them to heart! Hope you have a great day Dad!

Another Dad I'd like to pay tribute today is my husband Mike. True we don't have any human children as yet but we have 4 furry babies who count on us for everything and Mike always rises to their needs. I also can see by how involved Mike is in the whole fertility process, and how he was so willing to let me leave my job to make the fertility process easier on me that he is already dedicated to our future child and I have seen how he interacts with other children in our lives that he will make one terrific dad! So happy Father's Day my love!!

Now to recap! My grandmother arrived last Saturday and what a good time we had. Her flight landed early but we made it to the airport for a smooth pick up and whisked her away to the T-Rex Cafe where we ate yummy and far too much food! That was pretty much the weekend, we hung out on the porch, we chatted, we took pictures and we ate fantastic meals (my favorite and I think Grandma's too was Fulton's Crab Ho
use) Me and grandma also did some shopping which was fun and we tried to beat the heat which was impossible but we had a great time! I love that grandma just showed up for a little surprise visit - I hope she does it gain soon!!

Craft-wise this week was a slow one. My craft room now has a light in it but it's a complete and total disaster I am afraid to step foot in there so a massive clean up is in order - wish me luck!!! Today we are taking Hooper to get his teeth cleaned and a little check up and then I have no idea what we are doing hopefully just some relaxing, maybe a workout and some swimming we shall see.

This week was a great week for my Tupperware business! I held a party on Thursday which was a big success and I got my first two online orders! I feel that things are starting to pick up so thank you everyone for your continued support! It means a lot that I can just talk about this new venture and have friends and family take an interest - the orders are a big help but the support is priceless!!

I promise to post more soon!!

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Cindy said...

Love your blog! Good luck on getting the craft room back in order...I had mine somewhat organized....lasted about 2 weeks...aaarrrrgggg!!!

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