Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lightening Strikes!

Lightening has been striking like crazy in these parts, not only have we been getting crazy storms here in Orlando - like the storm that woke me up at 5AM! The lightening and thunder was crazy and poor Hooper was scared to death so like any good mommy I stayed up and made sure he was ok. Sure it's Summer and steamy, stormy weather is to be expected but I really really think that it's been steamier and stormier so far this Summer. If it's hitting triple digits in June I might melt by August!

On a very positive note I've been struck by creative lightening! I decided to register for my first ever online scrapbooking class. I signed up for the Challenge of Me class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The class will be taught by Lisa Day, I've been following her blog for several months now and she is just so inspiring so I jumped at the chance to take this class. You can sign up for the class here, and you can visit Lisa Day's Blog here. So the class officially starts on Thursday but I started with my pre-class assignment today and did the title page. The great thing about this class is Lisa chose what size album we'll be working on and I was assigned a 12 x 6 album, a size I've never worked with before but I'm super excited about it. Aside from the album all of the pages we'll be doing we'll be able to use items from our scrapbooking stash which is a relief because my stash has gotten quite large, especially after the box of goodies my good friend Zanne gave me! So here is my title page - can't wait to hear what you think! I used a lot of Heidi Swapp elements here which I've had in my stash but was saving for some "special" project and I thought what can be more special then my first online class and a book about me rolled into one?!

Now I couldn't begin this class with my craft room looking the way it did so yesterday I got to work on making the space at the very least workable. So after 4+ hours I managed to find the table and get organized - at least enough that I'm no longer afraid to go in that room. I still need to organize my paper in a more manageable way but it will work for now. Here are before and after shots of the room!

Notice how the after picture is just of one side of the room haha! Here are a couple of pictures of Alyssa and Hooper helping me with my craft room.

Unfortunately with the storms we haven't been able to do much swimming and tonight's water aerobics class didn't happen but I did get Mike to workout with me we did a 2 mile walk both yesterday and today and we've been eating much healthier and instead of fattening desserts we've been having fruit which is just so summery to me! So far I think we are doing pretty good, now let's hope we can keep it up! Will definitely keep you posted!!

More Soon...


Mandi said...

Great job on your title page Danielle. It is very pretty. :) I am sorry to hear about all the storms you've been getting. But what a good Momma you are staying up with Hooper and making sure he is okay. Nice job on organizing your scrapbook space too. :) I have been reorganizing mine. It actually looks pretty good. Well except it is a little messed up right now since I've been working on some projects tonight. Good luck with your online scrapbook class! :)

PeanutandTommy said...

I'm one of your classmates in the Challenge of Me class...and I love how clean your scrap space is! I guess I need to get to work!

Lisbet said...

Long time since I took a inspirationsurf around the net. I really need to gather lots of fun ideas.


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