Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Heat Is On!

Wow it has been blazing hot here in Orlando, I know you're thinking "when isn't it blazing hot" trust me it's not always quite this hot where there is a haze over the whole town and the heat index hitting 100! The only part of it that bothers me is the fact that we don't have air condition in the car so it makes for a hot ride to and from places! I'll suck it up though because we're supposed to be getting the new car this Summer WOOHOO!!

So I mentioned last week I tried a new recipe: Rachael Ray's Buffalo Chicken Chili Mac - you can find the recipe here. This was so delicious and easy to make and for the most part healthy. It isn't as over the t
op cheesy as it looks (though naturally I did add more cheese then the recipe called for) I once again left out the celery but everything else I kept the same! It's a good recipe to try using whole wheat pasta because the sauce is so flavorful!

Good thing I am introducing whole wheat pasta and healthier options for dinner because the news at the doctor wasn't great. Turns out both Mike and I have high cholesterol and Mike is pre-diabetic - SO our diets have to change, Mike will have to start exercising whether he likes it or not and in three months we go back to the doc and we had better have lost weight and brought our numbers down by then or else she's going to get tough
! Or tougher! Wish us luck!

On Tuesday I got a great surprise, a surprise which I am waiting for to arrive right now! My grandmother called and just decided she's coming to Florida! She's coming today!!! I'm so excited to see her but of course after I found out she was coming I was thrown into a cleaning frenzy and I'm trying to think of fun things to do! As always I will share a full photo update of our visit!

So this week I won't have a challenge update. Mom and I have decided to take another week for our mini book challenge. We want to make sure we put something together we are really happy with and not just something thrown together. I'm excited about this mini book because it's quotes and sayings that mean a lot to you and we sure have a lot of things we say around here that I'll want to remember in the future.

Now just because I didn't complete the challenge doesn't mean I didn't complete anything. I made 2 birthday cards for 2 very special people. I won't be posting pictures of them until the girl's receive their cards but I want
ed to take a moment to wish my cousin Denise and the very awesome Lisa a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love that these girl's share a birthday, they don't know one another but they are both truly special to me! And not only is June 14 their birthday, and flag day but on the day Denise was born my mom found out she was pregnant with me!!

Ok and before I close I have to share this super cute picture of Banky - I love how it looks like he's daydreaming out the window and I wonder what he's dreaming about!

More Soon...

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