Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7 Years!

It's amazing how fast seven years fly by but then looking back you see just how much you've packed into that amount of time. Seven years ago today Mike and I were getting married in Las Vegas surrounded by our closest family and friends and since that magical day we have packed a lot into our seven years of marriage. We've shared laughter and tears, we've moved, we've danced and held hands. We've traveled, gone to the movies and watched a lot of television. We've gained and lost friends and pounds and experiences. And through it all we did it together side by side. I no longer wonder where we'll be by the next year I'm just thankful that we'll be enjoy the journey together - I sure am glad I married my best friend!

The above layout is today's project for Layout a Day!


Lisa said...

awww.....i LOVE came out PERFECT!!!!! very nostalgic and something that gave me the warm fuzzies!!!!! you 2 are WONDERFUL together and i'm so lucky that me and my family have come into your life somewhere between these 7 years....may you always be happy and together!!!! XOXOX

Gloria said...

What a lovely post, I wish you both the best you make a beautiful couple! Your layout is gorgeous I love the soft feeling of it. TFS

Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl said...

Yay for marrying your best friend! I love knowing that I don't need anyone else in the world besides him.

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